Nearpod for All!

NearpodTeachers with access to iPads have come to love Nearpod, a classroom resource that engages students, seamlessly incorporates interactivity , and provides data for easy monitoring of students progress. What’s not to love? Until recently, this gem was only available as an iPad app. Now it is accessible from any device! BYOD initiatives across the country are saying, “Thanks, Nearpod!”

If you are venturing into the Nearpod world for the first time, check out our posts here highlighting some of the features.

To access the web-based version of Nearpod from any device, simply navigate to From the main site, students can connect to your already-launched presentations by selecting the “Join Session” option in the upper right corner. They will be prompted to enter the PIN for your presentation, just as they were on the app.


To launch your presentations from the web app, simply log in as usual and select the “Engage” option. This will take you to your familiar presentation Library. From there, get started with a pre-made presentation or browse the store for beautiful content from a variety of publishers.


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