Part 1: 12 iPad apps for Hebrew

More and more Jewish educators are working with iPads to better engage their students. Here is a sampling of apps that have Hebrew content or can be applied well in Hebrew studies.

1. Hebrew Lesson

12iPadAppsForHebrew_HebrewLessonNewHebrew Lesson, by Vannala Mobile Apps, LLC, helps new language learners (kids to adult) to learn Hebrew words easily. Builds vocabulary and pronunciation of basic words in categories Animals, Birds, Body Parts, Vegetables, Fruits, Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Calendar and Alphabet and includes two types of matching activities to practice the learning.

The free version has all categories except Numbers, Calendar and Alphabet and will teach your students a lot of words.  The full version costs $1.99 to unlock all 10 categories of words and remove advertisements.

2. Tiny Tap

12iPadAppsForHebrew_TinyApp1Tiny Tap, by Tiny Tap, Ltd, lets you easily create your own educational games and play thousands of games created by teachers, authors, and kids worldwide, including some in Hebrew.  Existing content can even be modifying if desired.  To create your own personalized games, all you need to do is add photos or images, record questions, trace the answers, and you’re ready to play!  Use Tiny Tap to review the vocabulary words they’ve learned by identifying the object in a picture.

Try this example.  Tap on the picture that answers the question.

Young children can use Tiny Tap to play existing content, and older students can use it as a tool for digital storytelling with an interactive twist.  Combine with Skitch to annotate your photos before uploading to Tiny Tap.

3. Skitch

12iPadAppsForHebrew_SkitchNewSkitch, by Evernote, lets you communicate important ideas in an instant. Snap a photo, mark it up, and send it on. Make your message clear with arrows, stamps, text, shapes, and more. It works well with Hebrew and you can even paste text with nikud from Unicode Pad.

Students could create their own flashcards by annotating their own pictures, so the words are more meaningful.  For example, take a picture of your best friend and then label his אף, his עיניים and his עוזניים as an engaging way to learn the Hebrew words for the parts of the body. Use the pictures as they are or pass them on to another app for which you needed more than just the simple picture.


4. Unicode Pad

12iPadAppsForHebrew_UnicodePadUnicode Pad, by Ziga Kranjec, allows you to type virtually any character, including Hebrew with vowels and then copy it to the clipboard to be pasted into virtually any app.  Very simple to use and the only option I know for doing this.

Unicode Pad costs $1.99, but if you want to be able to type Hebrew with nikud on the iPad, you need to get it anyway.

5. PixnTell

12iPadAppsForHebrew_PixnTellNewPixnTell, by Focustrain LLC, lets you add your voice to your pictures and create a personalized video you can share.  Useful for creating a Hebrew digital storytelling project or a segment for a larger video.  Students will be engaged commenting on and telling stories in Hebrew about their own pictures from the recent field trip.  Use Skitch to add text to the picture.  For example, they could create a virtual trip to an Israeli zoo, by downloading pictures from the web in Safari, adding the animal names in Hebrew text in Skitch, and then narrating the story in Hebrew in Pixntell.  The resulting video has a watermark that can be removed by upgrading for $0.99.

Here’s an example of how students created a presentation of their addition problems using Create A Scene, Skitch and Pixntell.

6. ובלכתך בדרך

12iPadAppsForHebrew_OnYourWayOn Your Way, by Roi Reshef, contains a very large range of basic and not so basic sifrei Kodesh in easy-to-read text that can be enlarged for younger readers.  Resources are easy to navigate and therefore a helpful resource either for students needing to read a particular text or to copy and paste it into other apps for PBL. Also includes a powerful search utility.

To learn more about using your iPad in the classroom, see these other blog posts:

Stay tuned for part II when we’ll discuss even more great apps for Hebrew education.  For any other questions, feel free to contact us at

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