Q: What hobby does a shark like best?

A: Anything it can sink its teeth into!

BrainsharkHave you ever wished you could do a voiceover on your PowerPoint presentations? How about create a quick, easy podcast? Well now you can!

Brainshark will allow you to take an existing PowerPoint presentation and edit it any way you like, including adding surveys, polls, and adding audio to your slides for differentiated learning in your classroom. You can publish your presentation and share via email, YouTube, QR code, or right on the Brainshark website.

Brainshark is a great classroom tool for having students create an “All About Me,” flipping your classroom, or having your own classroom broadcast on the site! Brainshark will also allow you to track who has viewed your presentations. Brainshark offers viewing presentations on an iPhone/iPad or Android device. And sign up is free!

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