Effective Uses of the Google Earth App

Google Earth is one of my favorite applications. During Teq webinars and online professional development classes, I’v eluded to the using the Google Earth app. This started a buzz among teachers, reaching out requesting to learn how to better integrate the desktop and mobile platforms. Teachers can now integrate the mobile app as a means of collaborative-blended environment.

Start with the standard Google Earth software on your computer. Follow the steps to create a Placemark, polygon, tour, image overlay, etc. and save it to your Places (Need a refresher? Click here). When that Placemark is saved, you can right-click on it and have the option to save it to different cloud based storage platforms  (Edmodo, Google Drive, Box, DropBox, etc.) . After it is sent to your cloud account, open the appropriate corresponding app on the mobile device.

When created, the KMZ file may be used as a refresher of content/concept, or better yet, the flipped model—the teacher assigns a KMZ to be viewed ahead of class and have students be prepared the next class. This would allow more time for question/answer than direct instruction of the same material.

Open the cloud app (Edmodo, Google Drive, Box, DropBox, etc.), and select the file. The mobile device will ask what application to use to open the the KMZ file.  Select the Google Earth app—watch the magic happen. Watch the video to see what the results will look like.

If you envision some really cool or innovative ways to use the Google Earth App in the classroom feel free to share!

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