The Importance of Coding K-12 eBook

The Importance of Coding eBookLast December, Computer Science Education Week  and organized an Hour of Code, during which time over 27 million people spent time learning how to code, learning about code, and understanding why it is important for our future. We were inspired to publish several blog articles that week about our experiences with coding in K-12 education. We’ve collected those articles, and others, into this new eBook, The Importance of Coding.

It will hopefully serve to facilitate some coding and critical thinking with your students. Enjoy!

This eBook contains information on:

  • Why is computer science important in K12 education and where to start
  • The Logo Programming Language
  • 14 resources to get started coding
  • Hour of Code lesson for SMART Notebook
  • Start coding with Choregraphe and the NAO robot

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