Choose Your Own Adventure with the NAO Robot

For anyone unsure of how to use a NAO robot in the classroom, our recent free webinar provides a good example. It demonstrates how the NAO robot can be brought into a school and used as a platform for group work, collaboration, narrative writing, and programming (with Choreographe software). Literacy skills are also brought into the lesson. In the video, we go through a “Choose Your Own Adventure” activity with the NAO Robot.

As you can see, the NAO Robot is an exciting educational tool. It not only gets students interested in computer programming, but is a perfect platform for group work, scripting, storyboarding, and much more.

Our upcoming free webinars for April will include “10 Little Known Tricks in SMART Notebook” and “Introducing SMART amp.” You can register for them online.

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3 Responses to Choose Your Own Adventure with the NAO Robot

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  2. Adilya,

    Thanks for reaching out, I sent your request forward and they should reach out to your email. Just in case please fill out the form below with your contact info request a NAO presentation.


  3. Adliya Mystafa says:

    Dear Teq representative,
    I am very interested in NAO for my school,
    would it be possible to set up a demonstration?
    I am a language Arts teacher and I see how much
    This can enrich my curriculum and instill an
    Enjoyment of learning for our children!
    Thank you
    Adliya Mustafa