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10 things to know about the common core for ELA

Common Core Cheat Sheet

As an ELA teacher, I am always on the look out for resources to make understanding the Common Core Standards easier.

Lauren Tarshis, an editor with Scholastic Storyworks, has created a cheat sheet with 10 Things to Know About Common Core Standards for ELA. This helpful guide outlines the ways that she thinks the … Read more

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I’m frequently asked if there’s a way to integrate a tablet with the SMART Board. The answer is both yes and no.

At this point, there’s no way to interact with your apps at the Board. However, with an app called Splashtop, you can access your desktop and operate your SMART Board remotely.

Splashtop … Read more

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Attention: NJ High School Writing Contest

New Jersey English teachers – Let your students know that they can participate in the NJCTE 2012 Writing Contest. There are three categories for writing – Poetry, Essay and Fiction.

Poetry Submissions Must be 50 lines or less.

Personal essay submissions prompt: “Our Recipes: Our Selves.”

Fiction – No known genre restrictions – Short StoryRead more

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How to Create a Theme

You want all of your Notebook pages to have the same look. But how many times can you choose to clone a page? Instead, why don’t you create a Theme. Follow these easy steps and you can have the same background throughout a your SMART Notebook file.

  1. Open SMART Notebook
  2. Design the look of your
Read more
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Out with the OLD and in with the NEW

Have you gotten bored using the same fonts with your students? Time in and time out we go to the ones we know. How many times can we use Times New Roman or Comic Sans? It is easy to add new fonts to your computer and new life to your lessons!

First, obtain new fonts. … Read more

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My New Favorite LAT Item: the TextSplitter

How many of us have tons of word lists already typed into Microsoft Word?  Bringing them into Notebook one at a time, so they will move as independent objects, is — pun intended — a drag!

To save time, I have started using my new favorite Lesson Activity Toolkit interactive item, the Text Splitter. Simply … Read more

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