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SMART Notebook

Build It with the Activity Builder

Are you puzzled by the puzzle piece tab in SMART Notebook?  The Activity Builder is a new feature in SMART Notebook 11.  It has many of the benefits of the Lesson Activity Toolkit and allows educators to create more organic-looking, hands-on exercises.

This video shows how the Activity Builder can add interactivity to your SMART … Read more

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Hello Animoto!

It’s getting to the point in the school year when you may need some more engaging and interesting projects. Try Animoto and have your students create digital stories or review web content.

The site is user-friendly and allows students to develop a free 30-second screen show using text, images and music. Then, Animoto will whip … Read more

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Response LE

SMART Response: It Just Keeps Getting Better!

SMART Response is always evolving. This amazing product line continues to provide schools with  innovative classroom solutions like text-based answers (SMART Response PE and XE), intelligent grading and full QWERTY keyboard (SMART Response XE), bright colorful shaped buttons (SMART Response LE) and 1:1 classroom initiatives (SMART Response SE and VE).

Check out our Products page to … Read more

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Pick it

Let the numbers do the work. The Random Number Generator is a great student selection tool for any classroom. Instead of calling on your students to read, answer problems or come up to the SMART Board, you can assign each student with a number and have the application choose the next participant.

The Random Number Read more

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Turn Back the Clock

Did you know that the idea of Daylight Saving Time was first proposed in an essay written by Benjamin Franklin? However, the concept wasn’t put into action until World War I to help conserve resources.  Currently, we set our clocks forward one hour at 2 AM in the spring (on the second Sunday in March) and backward in … Read more

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SMART Notebook

7 New Things in SMART Notebook 10.7

1. Now when you are in Full Screen mode you can zoom to Page Width. To do this all you need to do is press on the 3 black dots (while in Full Screen) and choose “Page Width.” A scroll bar will appear so you can access any content you have on your page (without … Read more

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Happy New Year! (Take 2)

Just when you thought you’ve completely recovered from all of the fun activities you had on the evening of December 31, 2010 – it’s New Year, again – Chinese New Year that is. The good news is that this time you can celebrate with your students on Thursday, February 3rd 2011.  This important cultural … Read more

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All Aboard! – The Polar Express

As you are wrapping up things prior to winter recess the story The Polar Express is a story that is easily integrated into thematic units relating to character education, transportation, polar region and/or the winter season.  One way to differentiate the instruction is by having students listen to the story, read (or follow along with) the text, and see … Read more

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First the Leaves, Now the Pen Tools — Changing Colors!

As the leaves begin to change color,  consider spicing things up a little bit with your SMART Board by changing the color of the pen tools.  Typically when you pick up a blue pen tool and write notes it writes in blue, pick up a black pen and write notes and the digital ink would … Read more

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