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The Flipped Classroom – You’ve Started Flipping. Now What???

You’ve Started Your Flipped Classroom, Now What???

About a month ago, we posted the first of Jennifer Hlentza’s and Kristi Vilberg’s guest blog series (check out Part 1 & Part 2) regarding how to flip your classroom. Particularly, we discussed how to use tools to create videos, find a hosting site for them, and post content to … Read more

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Intro to LightSail

LightSail is an adaptive literacy platform that brings reading instruction into the modern era. Built by teachers, LightSail motivates students to enjoy the reading experience and take responsibility over their learning, while simultaneously fostering close, careful reading skills. Win win win!

What makes LightSail special?

Equipped with over 80,000 eBooks, LightSail allows each individual student … Read more

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How to Flip Your Classroom

Things to Consider Before Flipping Your Classroom (A Guest Blog)

Earlier this week, we introduced a pair of teachers that have been working on a flipped model of the classroom. They’re back to share some key items to keep in mind that they’ve learned over the past year.

Creating Your First Classroom in the Cloud

The back to school time is quickly approaching, … Read more

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Filipped Classroom in NYC

The Flipped Classroom – A Guest Blog Spot

Welcome back everyone! It has been an incredibly productive summer here at Teq. We launched our new studio only a few weeks ago, and we had a few additions and changes to our team.

To kick off the school year, we’re bringing in a few guest bloggers to share their view on a topic we … Read more

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ProScope Micro Mobile in the Science Classroom

Science involves the use of a lot of technology. Much of what we know about the world today would still be a mystery if not for a few simple inventions, like the microscope. One of the most famous pioneers in microscopy is Anton Van Leewenhoek, who was developing lenses capable of observing single celled organisms … Read more

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iOS 7 Great Classroom Features

7 Awesome Ways to Use iOS 7 in Your Classroom

This was a big week at Apple as they released their newest mobile operating system, iOS 7.  Aside from its aesthetically pleasing new look, educators are in for a real treat with the functional changes that have appeared as well.  Here’s a few that we found particularly relevant for our readers.

1. AirDrop

This feature … Read more

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STEM Trebuchet

NSTA STEM Forum and Expo, Part 2

Recently we wrote about a couple of session we attended at the STEM event in Atlantic City. In part two of this series, we’re highlighting a couple more sessions that were just as fantastic as the first two.

Trebuchets: An Interdisciplinary STEM Unit
David Lisnitzer ran one of the most exciting sessions of the event. … Read more

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NSTA Expo 2012

NSTA STEM Forum and Expo, Part 1

Last weekend we had the privilege of spending a few days at the National Science Teacher’s Association event in Atlantic City. The focus was on STEM education at the elementary and middle school levels, with the emphasis on the engineering and design process. There were a ton of great sessions offered. In this two-part … Read more

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Vi Hart on Khan Academy

Math by Vi Hart at Khan Academy

Check out Vi Hart. She recently joined the Khan Academy team, and continues to make high quality pieces. These are pretty incredible videos on a variety of math topics, in quite the entertaining way. I’m particularly fond of Binary Hand Dance, Infinity Elephants, Pi is (still) wrong, and the Doodling series.… Read more

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iBooks Author in the Classroom

A few weeks ago, Apple released free software for creating iBooks. The program allows users to create interactive books in an interface that will seem familiar to those who have used either Keynote or Pages.

Anyone can create great looking books. While a lot of the focus has been on textbook creation, iBooks Author … Read more

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