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SMART Notebook

Improve Math Skills with SMART Number Cruncher

Looking for a free software to help improve your student’s math skills? Well, look no further, you can use SMART Number Cruncher  Log in to the SMART Exchange website to download the software for free.

As the teacher, you are able to pick either addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division type of questions. You are even … Read more

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SMART Notebook

Help Your Students Become SMART Spellers

SMART Speller is a fun and interactive way for students to improve their literacy skills. Available for free to SMART customers who use a PC, this software can be used during a lesson while connected to a SMART Board. (Logging in to the SMART Exchange is required before downloading the software.  If you don’t already … Read more

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The New Edmodo

3 Advanced Features in Edmodo

Edmodo is a social learning platform for the classroom that many teachers are using to engage students in learning within a collaborative environment. We have covered 7 Steps on How to Use Edmodo in a previous blog post.  If you’re just getting started with Edmodo or looking for some more advanced options, here are three … Read more

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Teq Calendar: September

Teq Calendar Lessons for September

If you have seen the Teq Calendar you know that the Teqsplorers have embarked on a world-wide adventure. In September, they stopped in Africa to learn about the Savanna Ecosystem and research the Origins of Humankind. You can download interactive lessons on these topics for SMART Notebook, RM Easiteach, and ActivInspire from our … Read more

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Co-Teaching with Edmodo

Co-teaching is based on the collaboration between educators who share instructional responsibility for a group of students.  In this arrangement, educators support instruction in a variety of ways and with a variety of tools and resources.  Edmodo supports the co-teaching approach by providing the ability for two teachers to manage a group.

If you don’t … Read more

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My Journey to Ellis Island

Are your students learning about Ellis Island and immigration? On the interactive site From Ellis Island to Orchard Street with Victoria Confino you build a character and learn about their journey to America. As a class you can make an identity, learn about your journey, explore Ellis Island, learn about the Lower East Side of … Read more

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Book Adventure

Book Adventure

September 6 is Read a Book Day and September 8 is International Literacy Day.

Book Adventure is a free site that “encourage(s) students in grades K-8 to read more often, for longer periods of time, with greater understanding.” On the site, teachers can create a class and monitor their students reading progress.

In the “Teachers … Read more

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The Adjective Detective

The Adjective Detective

The Children’s University of Manchester is an amazing website. They have a wealth of topics, from Body and Medicines to The Earth and Beyond. From the Words section of the site, the Adjective Detective game helps students learn all about adjectives: what an adjective is, how it is used in a sentence, and how … Read more

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Growing with Technology

Growing with Technology

Calling all technology teachers! If you’re looking for an interactive website to use with your students, do I have the site for you! Growing With Technology has six levels based on grade, and each level can take a school year to complete.

There are many sub categories in each level with both animated and non-animated … Read more

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State Abbreviations

Getting to Know the U.S. States

Are you teaching the U.S. States in your classroom? Are your students learning the famous states song, The Fifty Nifty United States? If you answered “Yes,” then this is the website for you! State Abbreviations is a fun game for teaching and reviewing the States. Students will be given the abbreviation of the State, … Read more

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