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SMART Notebook

New eBook: 10 Little-Known Tricks for SMART Notebook 14

You can now download our latest eBook, 10 Little-Know Tricks for SMART Notebook 14!

About SMART Notebook

SMART Notebook is the standard for creating, delivering, and managing interactive lessons within a single application. With our new eBook, let our professional development specialists walk you through SMART Notebook’s features step-by-step.

About the New eBook

Our … Read more

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Teq Online PD: Online Professional Development for Teachers

SMART Notebook, iPad Apps, SMART amp, & 40+ Live Courses Before September

Teq Online PD is a great professional development resource for teachers looking to improve their knowledge and skills around classroom technology leading up to the new school year. Beginning this week, Teq Online PD will have professional development courses for SMART Notebook, iPads apps, and a new intro course for SMART amp. If you have … Read more

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Teq Online PD: Online Professional Development for Teachers

New Features in Teq Online PD

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In the latest update to Teq Online PD, administrators now have the option to recommend courses to members of their group. This much-requested feature is ideal for schools looking to get teachers started with courses focused on a particular technology tool or curricular … Read more

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Free Trial of SMART amp

SMART amp Free Trial & Setting Up a Google Apps Domain

Did you know you can try SMART amp for free?

SMART is currently offering a free 90-day trial of their new collaborative software, SMART amp.

What is SMART amp?

SMART amp software is a new, easy-to-use, cloud-based learning platform. It enables teachers and students to collaborate in a nearly infinite workspace, in real time, from anywhere in … Read more

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6 Tips for Creating Effective Virtual Classrooms

Are you using a Learning Management System (LMS) to connect with students, provide resources, foster interaction or create assignments? With the rise of online and blended learning models, there are many varieties of LMS geared toward the creation of virtual classrooms. Whether you are using a free option, like Edmodo, or your school has … Read more

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SMART, Buncee, Educreations, InstaGrok – Teq Webinar Recap

We’ve had six free webinars so far this year, and with one left before Summer, we thought we’d take an opportunity to recap them, and share the archived videos on our blog. We’ll be planning our webinar series for the Fall, so please let us know what you’d like to see.

10 Little

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NYS Regents Review with LearnerPal

Online NYS Regents Review Courses with LearnerPal

LearnerPal is offering live, online NYS Regents review courses for students preparing to take these exams. You can learn more about the review courses here. These will be live, online tutorials conducted by experienced teachers with a proven track record of increasing Regents passing rates. But outside of the convenience of being able to take these … Read more

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NAO Robot

Things I Learned in “Choose Your Own Adventure with NAO”

When the NAO Robot performs one of it’s many pre-programmed tasks, it always captures the attention of everyone in a room. As advanced as technology is these days, there is just something about a robot talking, responding to questions, and pulling off some serious yoga moves that always piques the interest of an audience.

But … Read more

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Mobile Assessment

New Mobile and Web-Based Assessment eBook

Our newest eBook is here: Mobile and Web-Based Assessment. “Thank you!” to Jaclyn, Kristie, and Vanessa for putting together this great follow-up to last year’s 5 Great Apps for Assessing with Quizzes.

We hope this new ebook introduces LearnerPal, Answer Pad, Poll Everywhere, Zondle, and Nutmeg Education to educators who have been looking … Read more

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NAO Robot

Choose Your Own Adventure with the NAO Robot

For anyone unsure of how to use a NAO robot in the classroom, our recent free webinar provides a good example. It demonstrates how the NAO robot can be brought into a school and used as a platform for group work, collaboration, narrative writing, and programming (with Choreographe software). Literacy skills are also brought into … Read more

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