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NAO Robot

Things I Learned in “Choose Your Own Adventure with NAO”

When the NAO Robot performs one of it’s many pre-programmed tasks, it always captures the attention of everyone in a room. As advanced as technology is these days, there is just something about a robot talking, responding to questions, and pulling off some serious yoga moves that always piques the interest of an audience.

But … Read more

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Mobile Assessment

New Mobile and Web-Based Assessment eBook

Our newest eBook is here: Mobile and Web-Based Assessment. “Thank you!” to Jaclyn, Kristie, and Vanessa for putting together this great follow-up to last year’s 5 Great Apps for Assessing with Quizzes.

We hope this new ebook introduces LearnerPal, Answer Pad, Poll Everywhere, Zondle, and Nutmeg Education to educators who have been looking … Read more

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NAO Robot

Choose Your Own Adventure with the NAO Robot

For anyone unsure of how to use a NAO robot in the classroom, our recent free webinar provides a good example. It demonstrates how the NAO robot can be brought into a school and used as a platform for group work, collaboration, narrative writing, and programming (with Choreographe software). Literacy skills are also brought into … Read more

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12 Things You Need to Know About LearnerPal

In January we posted about the great online learning tool, LearnerPal. While it has a ton of great features that set it apart, here are 12 things educators will want to know about LearnerPal if they are looking for a solution to help them with assessment and test prep.

1. What does LearnerPal do … Read more

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Coding eBook

The Importance of Coding K-12 eBook

Last December, Computer Science Education Week  and organized an Hour of Code, during which time over 27 million people spent time learning how to code, learning about code, and understanding why it is important for our future. We were inspired to publish several blog articles that week about our experiences with coding … Read more

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Representing State Population with Google Earth and Polygons

At Teq, we are always showing teachers how Google Earth is such a valuable tool in the classroom and can be used across multiple subjects. In the past we have discussed using Google Earth in an ELA classroom with Google Lit Trips and also about using polygons and measurement tools to find the area of Read more

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6 Things We Learned about InstaGrok

Recently we covered InstaGrok in our Wednesday webinar series. Here are a few things we learned about InstaGrok during the webinar.

1. More than a Google Search

In the words of InstaGrok’s founders, their platform is more than a Google Search. With dynamic visual results, a grok gives a student a great visual representation … Read more

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6 Features of Teq’s Online PD

We recently launched our Teq Online PD platform to provide our professional development to teachers across the country! Currently there are over 50 different courses available, and new content is being designed by the Teq PD team to reflect the trends in educational technology. Our goal is to empower teachers with the skills and confidence … Read more

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3 Parts of Digital Citizenship

Teq’s Wednesday Webinar Series recently featured the extremely important topic of teaching digital citizenship to students. With the growing importance of having a digital presence and the ability to navigate the vast resources on the Internet, teaching digital citizenship is necessary to prepare students for jobs  in the 21st century workplace.

An example I use … Read more

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Top iPad Apps 2013

5 Options for Connecting Your iPad to a Classroom Display

Understanding how to connect your iPad to a projector or computer is an integral part of using your iPad in the classroom.

Once connected, you may also have the ability control your computer like a virtual mouse. Teachers love this because it frees them from standing at the front of their room in order to touch … Read more

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