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TeqCast 1: Transparent Background

Episode 1: Notebook 10.6 has many new features including the Transparent Background. With the Transparent Background you are able to look at websites, Microsoft Word documents or Google Earth and all from within SMART Notebook software. Watch Teq experts, in our inaugural TeqCast, to learn how Transparent Background can change the way you use … Read more

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ePals, the future of student-led global collaboration

In the past, many teachers have provided their students the opportunity to become pen-pals with other classrooms across a city, state or even a nation using hand-written letters. But in today’s world where email and media communication are capturing the attention of students, we, as educators, need to look to the future of communication. That … Read more

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Pinpoint Your Google Searches

Google boasts that it has the most ˜hits’ of any website on the Internet, with billions of hits per day. While everyone is familiar with the deceptively simple search engine giant, there are many of us who don’t use its full capabilities.

In almost every search database there is a way to clarify and simplify … Read more

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Myna – Easy Music Creator

While is a great source for ready-made sound clips, sometimes a teacher may want to add their own soundtrack to a lesson to further engage the students. Similar to GarageBand, programmers have developed Myna; a web-based and easy to use dynamic music creation tool.

With Myna, you can:
1. Quickly create tracks and … Read more

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Safe Online Music Player – Grooveshark

Many teachers enjoy listening to music while their students are engaged in group work or completing a lesson. However, problems can occur such as controlling which songs are played or inadvertently exposing students to inappropriate music. This is where Grooveshark comes in.

Grooveshark ( allows a teacher to set a playlist of songs … Read more

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