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SMART Maestro add on for Notebook

SMART Blocks: Add-on for SMART Notebook 14.2

They’re blocks. They’re smart. They are SMART Blocks. SMART Notebook 14.2 has now been released. We are happy to have this updated version of SMART Notebook 2014 because it brings several updates to features of the software. Check out this post to get a quick peek.

I am most excited for a new add-on called … Read more

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If this then that

If You’re an Educator, Then Read This (If This, Then That, Part 2)

Previously On The Teq Blog… Last time, we discussed what IFTTT was (If you didn’t read that post, Then check it out and come back here) and some of the ways it could be used in the classroom. Around that time, my kids and I created a “recipe” to send me weather data for … Read more

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If This Then That: A Personal Assistant – An Internet Supercomputer

What if your students could program the Internet to do research for them, alert them when an event takes place or save important information automatically? That’s the idea behind IFTTT.

A little while ago a colleague of mine, David D., told me about the website If This Then That. “It’s pretty simple,” he explained. … Read more

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Kids Coding, A New Literacy

Do you play video games, use computer programs, or have a phone or camera? Do you know that someone wrote (coded) a series of instructions to make those amazing technologies work? Did you know that you could do it too? It doesn’t take a genius. In fact, if you can read and write then you … Read more

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My QR Code is Smarter Than Your Bar Code

When beginning to write this post I asked Tim, one of our Instructional Technology Specialists, what he likes about QR Codes in the classroom. He said, “QR Codes are so easy to use. I can get my students to a specific set of content without them having to type anything. They just start the app Read more

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The Leprechaun Strikes Again!

When I was a kid, a tricky little leprechaun visited my classroom while all the students and teachers were gone for the weekend. The mischievous man left some leather scraps from a shoe behind, messed up some desks while looking for gold, and turned all the chalk in the room green. “Good one, Lucky!” That’s … Read more

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What’s a Hink Pink?

What’s a Hink Pink? Well, it’s a “cool tool.”  A Hink Pink is a riddle where the answer is two words that rhyme and have one syllable.  For example, an embargo on air movement devices is a fan ban. There’s also something called a “Hinky Pinky” and a “Hinkety Pinkety.” Those have two syllable … Read more

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cork board

Put a Cork In It

When it’s time to discuss what your students have learned in class, check out What you’ll find is a virtual cork board where sticky notes can be posted. When you visit the site for the first time, you’ll be given a unique URL, which you can share through email or other media so … Read more

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Flashcard Machine

Flashcards on Steroids

Remember when there weren’t computers in the classroom? I can, but maybe that’s TMI. Anyway… young or old, can you remember using flashcards to help you remember definitions, dates, or any information for that matter? You wrote a word, math sentence, or drew a picture on one side, and the definition, answer, or explanation on … Read more

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Your Own “Fantastic Voyage”

Have you seen the 1966 classic, Fantastic Voyage? That’s the movie in which a team of scientists travels in a microscopic submarine into the body of a living human being to save his life. Do you know of any tools that will allow our students to experience their own “Fantastic Voyage” without being attacked by … Read more

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