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Science Made Simple with Labdisc

From a student perspective, one of the best parts of any science class is the chance to perform a lab. I remember lab days being a huge source of excitement when I was a student. Finally, I’d think, a chance to do science rather than just read and talk about it! The same … Read more

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Apps for Smart Student Habits

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year!

As your new students settle back into the routine of school, you’ll be taking the time to get to know them: their strengths, their weaknesses, and most importantly, their habits. Helping an entire group of students you’ve just met navigate the new year can be daunting at best—and the demand … Read more

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Take the SMART kapp iQ Challenge: 30-Day FREE Trial

ATTENTION NY AND NJ! Life has just become easier (and cheaper) for you! The very latest SMART Board flat panel, the SMART kapp iQ, is available FREE for a month-long trial. Just to clarify, that is 720 hours, or 43,200 minutes with the most advanced 4K interactive display on the market. (Kind of a big … Read more

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Sudoku in Google Sheets

Using add-ons for your Google Apps can help you and your students get even more out of each app. Add-ons like Kaizena, Easy-bib, Doctopus, and Flubaroo can help increase efficiency, streamline workflow, and expand the functionality of the individual Google apps. We model using many of these in classroom relevant situations in our Online PD Read more

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Podcasts You Should Listen To–Content and Inspiration

Hello Teachers! We hope you’re enjoying the last couple days before school. However, as you prepare for your next batch of eager learners, you shouldn’t forget to nurture your own love of learning–even after the summer ends.

In one of our previous blogs we discussed podcasts as tools for professional development, focusing on podcasts that … Read more

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Podcasts You Should Listen To–Teaching and Technology

Many people consider podcasting the future of radio, and they’re not entirely wrong. According to an article in the Washington Post last September, they found that in the course of a month, over 75 million people download at least one podcast, and those numbers are only growing. Some podcasts (the infamous Serial comes to mind) even … Read more

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Creating Interactive Notes with Notability

Looking for a note taking app that is way more than just a text app? Then you should check out Notability! Notability is a comprehensive app that allows your students to take notes and create documents that combine text with images, annotations, and sound.

Students (or teachers) can organize their notes into sections based off … Read more

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Gamification: Conclusion and Resource List (Part 6 of 6)

Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us throughout our exploration of gamification in education. Many of the concepts we’ve touched on in the last five posts are only part of the discussion. Now it’s up to you to take those tools, continue the exploration, and engage your students in new ways.

To help, we included one more post to the series. As a … Read more

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SMART Extreme Collaboration

Notebook 15.1 Coming in August, and with it Comes the Retirement of XC Collaboration

On August 6th, SMART will be upgrading their SMART Notebook software to Notebook 15.1. With this upgrade, the popular add-on XC Collaboration will no longer be available, however its functionality will be available in the form of a new activity called “Shout it Out!”

Shout it Out! will be a part of the Lesson Activity Read more

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Gamification: Games and Curriculum (Part 5 of 6)

Welcome to the final official part of our Gamification blog, where we finally talk about actual games.

We have come full circle.

As I mentioned in the introduction, using actual games is not central to the gamifying of education. A gamified classroom focuses on the repackaging of classroom elements to make them more encouraging to … Read more

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