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SMART Technologies

SMART Notebook 15 is Here!

Here at Teq, we are excited to see that our SMART friends continue to enhance the Notebook Interactive Learning Software with the release of the most recent version, SMART Notebook 15.

Notebook 15 is full of really great updates that increase functionality and interactivity for the classroom. Teachers can create engaging lesson content with the … Read more

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App Smashing!

App Smashing or App Synergy is when students use a combination of apps to create a final product that would not be possible to create with the sometimes limited capabilities of one app. App smashing comes from the inability of one app to do all you need, however, it creates a wonderful new opportunity for … Read more

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Teq Online PD: Online Professional Development for Teachers

The Library of Congress – The World’s Largest Library in Your Classroom!

If  you are looking to use primary sources in the classroom to help your students meet Common Core Standards, look no further than the education page of the Library of Congress (LOC).  As the largest library in the world, their online site is a valuable resource for teachers wanting to incorporate these documents into their … Read more

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Front Row

Front Row for Assessment

Teachers are often looking for new ways to assess their students’ knowledge of Common Core Learning Standards. Front Row is a web- based platform (and iPad app!) that allows you to motivate students, differentiate practice activities, and receive immediate feedback on student progress in your Common Core Math class. Teachers can sign up for a … Read more

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All About Pinterest

Launched in 2010, Pinterest (the social media website that allows users to create ‘boards’ and then pin content to those boards in order to save them) has been taking the education world by storm. With Pinterest, users can share their boards, comment on different items, or search other people’s boards to find more content that … Read more

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If this then that

If You’re an Educator, Then Read This (If This, Then That, Part 2)

Previously On The Teq Blog… Last time, we discussed what IFTTT was (If you didn’t read that post, Then check it out and come back here) and some of the ways it could be used in the classroom. Around that time, my kids and I created a “recipe” to send me weather data for … Read more

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Playlists aren’t just for music anymore

In the age of internet-connected devices and “e” everything, there exists a high need for solutions to manage our educational content and resources. Most likely, you have playlists of songs in your iTunes library, or perhaps you’ve got the entire season of Breaking Bad recorded on your DVR. Either way, the goal is to centralize … Read more

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Learning with Games

Game-Based Support for Learning

Games provide students with an engaging environment while demonstrating their knowledge in specific subjects.  These experiences allow students to solidify their learning while engaging in a task that is fun and competitive. Classroom games provide the perfect combination for student success and engagement while preparing for any review of previous learning.

To help you get … Read more

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SMART Extreme Collaboration

3 Easy Steps to Extreme Collaboration

As we design learning experiences for our students, one of our most important goals is to make sure that students are actively engaged in the learning.  Extreme Collaboration is an add-on to any version of SMART Notebook 11 that promotes active engagement during your lessons. There have been some changes recently that allow you … Read more

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SMART Maestro add on for Notebook

5 Ways to Get Feedback Using the SMART Lesson Activity Toolkit

As learners, we like to know when we’re on the right track and where we need to focus in order to improve our skills and understandings. As teachers, we help students learn by providing feedback. The more quickly students receive feedback when performing any task, the better chance that feedback can influence future learning or … Read more

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