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Google Earth

Embedding HTML Content in Google Earth

One of my favorite teaching tools is the topic of today’s free webinar: Google Earth. We have produced three webinars about using Google Earth in the Classroom. The latest version of Google Earth lets teachers insert links, images, and videos via HTML into the “Comments” section when a place-marker, polygon, overlay, or line is created.… Read more

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Skratch Publishing

Promote Literacy with Skratch Publishing

Skratch Publishing is a site that seeks to promote literacy for children. Best of all, it’s completely free for teachers and students.

Skratch is an engaging interactive site where students can add the books they have read and complete a short book report. The book report prompts students to identify favorite characters, new vocabulary, their … Read more

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The Common Core Curriculum Mapping Project

As educators begin to implement the Common Core Standards, many have expressed a need to have additional resources that will help with the process and provide models to use.

The Common Core Curriculum Mapping Project provides educators with high-quality, low-cost curriculum tools based on the Common Core State Standards.  There are 76 detailed … Read more

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Create Your Own Books with Storybird

The Common Core Standards for Writing encourage our students to “Use technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing and to interact and collaborate with others.” Storybird allows students and teachers to create digital books based on artwork. You can create a free account, a teacher with class account, or a free child account … Read more

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Teq Course: Writers Workshop Done Digitally

In this course, designed for elementary school teachers, we will look at how to use a SMART Board and other technology to facilitate writers workshop in your classroom. During the session we will explore and create interactive mini lessons, look at easy to use observation sheets that track the progress of students (either to be … Read more

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Shakespeare’s Birthday

April 23 is the birthday of the bard himself, William Shakespeare. Are you looking for ways to incorporate a celebration of his birthday into your classroom activities? Look no further than ReadWriteThink.

This site has activities for the classroom, lesson plans and helpful websites for all grade levels. Grab your birthday hats and celebrate Read more

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Grok Your Research

Our students become more proficient in content area knowledge through the development of research skills. One tool that helps students to find, explore, take notes and organize information from a search is InstaGrok. By creating a teacher account, you’ll be able to choose a class code that your students can use for their own … Read more

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New York Times Learning Network

On Monday and Wednesday, we took a look at two sites that support students’ access to resources for informational text. Today, we’re taking a look at another site for teachers to consider: the New York Times Learning Network. While the materials are based on content from that specific newspaper, the same instructional ideas … Read more

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In Monday’s blog post, we took a look at Wonderopolis in connection with the Common Core Standards and the use of informational text in instruction.  For those who are working with students at the high school level, and already dealing with informational text on a daily basis, you might also consider Discovery Channel’s Curiosity.comRead more

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It’s a Wonder!

Wonderopolis is a great site, not only to provide students with non-fiction content, but to help build background knowledge and connections to other learning. Each day, a “wonder” is published containing these three sections:

  1. A related video
  2. Questions to focus students’ reading
  3. The article

Classroom Use

The Common Core Standards address the need to include informational … Read more

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