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Try SMART amp

Adding a SMART Notebook file to a SMART amp Workspace

In the following video, you will see how to insert a SMART Notebook file into a SMART amp workspace. This feature allows teachers to easily share lessons with students as a follow up to whole-group instruction.

The students will be able to review the pages of the file, and as the teacher, you don’t have … Read more

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3D Figures and Architecture: Teq Calendar Lesson for May

This lesson was created for middle school Math and will focus on the use of geometric concepts in architecture, with a specific focus on geodesic domes. Students will develop a plan for finding the surface area of three-dimensional figures by applying their knowledge of congruent faces and area formulas of the polygons that make up … Read more

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April Fools

New TeqPD Course Lineup

We are pleased to announce that our Spring 2014 course catalog is now available! Our newest courses reflect the cyclical nature of education and aim to eliminate the challenges that teachers face on a daily basis with “newer” technologies. These workshops have been developed with research from the early 80s and 90s in mind, and … Read more

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SMART Extreme Collaboration

Creating Activities That Maximize the Use of Extreme Collaboration

In a previous blog post, we described how to set up the Extreme Collaboration add-on to use with your SMART Notebook lessons. Here are some thoughts about the types of activities that can make the best use of this tool.

Open ended responses

This type of response to a question can help you to:… Read more

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SMART Extreme Collaboration

3 Easy Steps to Extreme Collaboration

As we design learning experiences for our students, one of our most important goals is to make sure that students are actively engaged in the learning.  Extreme Collaboration is an add-on to any version of SMART Notebook 11 that promotes active engagement during your lessons. There have been some changes recently that allow you … Read more

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SMART Notebook

Instructional Videos Made Easy with SMART Recorder

As educators, we’ve been using videos for years in our instruction, but mainly, those videos have been produced by someone else.  In recent years, creating videos has become a passion for many educators who want to embed the use of self-produced rich media into their instructional practices.  We see evidence of this in the flipped … Read more

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SMART Notebook

Homework in the House of a Teq Trainer

I have long espoused that digital technology should be less a vehicle by which teachers may deliver content but a tool by which students may learn.

My son, in second grade, is a very tactile and concrete learner.  He had quickly learned to despise homework and would refuse to complete it and, once the damage … Read more

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SMART Notebook

New Features in Notebook 11.4

Great news for everybody struggling out there with the Flash issues – the latest SMART Notebook update (Notebook 11.4) not only has some cool new features, but it is also compatible with Flash! As a result, your Lesson Activity Toolkit and other Flash-operated functions will work properly. Follow this link to get the most recent Read more

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Hour of Code Lesson for SMART Notebook

This week (December 9-15) marks Computer Science Education Week, with a focus on computer coding and the opportunity for every student to try an “Hour of Code.”

This lesson was created by Anna Higgins an Elementary Teacher at Collicot Elementary School in Milton, Massachusetts introducing her students to basic coding. The lesson begins with a … Read more

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Featured Calendar Lesson: Simple Machines

Our calendar lesson for November focuses on Simple Machines at the 6th grade level. The three classes of levers are addressed in addition to identifying the levers in a typewriter.   The culminating activity integrates writing skills with science knowledge and requires students to create a step by step guide and how to video on … Read more

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