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The Library of Congress – The World’s Largest Library in Your Classroom!

If  you are looking to use primary sources in the classroom to help your students meet Common Core Standards, look no further than the education page of the Library of Congress (LOC).  As the largest library in the world, their online site is a valuable resource for teachers wanting to incorporate these documents into their … Read more

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Effective Uses of the Google Earth App

Google Earth is one of my favorite applications. During Teq webinars and online professional development classes, I’v eluded to the using the Google Earth app. This started a buzz among teachers, reaching out requesting to learn how to better integrate the desktop and mobile platforms. Teachers can now integrate the mobile app as a means … Read more

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Alan Turning

Alan Turing – Math, History, Computer Science, and Tolerance

If you’re looking to have an interdisciplinary discussion with your High School students, you could do a lot worse than to look at the life and times of Alan Turing.

Turing was a brilliant mathematician and one of the most historically influential figures in the history of computing. He  also helped the allies win … Read more

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Representing State Population with Google Earth and Polygons

At Teq, we are always showing teachers how Google Earth is such a valuable tool in the classroom and can be used across multiple subjects. In the past we have discussed using Google Earth in an ELA classroom with Google Lit Trips and also about using polygons and measurement tools to find the area of Read more

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An Innovation Exploration: Teq Calendar Lesson for September

This year’s theme is “An Innovation Exploration.”

The Teq Calendar is back this year with two lessons each month centered around the theme “An Innovation Exploration.”  Throughout the year, lessons will focus on addressing the Common Core Standards across a variety of subjects and grade levels. If you haven’t already gotten a copy of the … Read more

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Glogster EDU

Multimedia Posters with Glogster EDU

Ever wish you could provide your students with a one-stop shop of resources for a lesson or project? If so, welcome to the world of Glogster EDU. With Glogster, you and your students can create multimedia posters of information using a “pin board” style format. You can include links, documents, videos, and pictures to … Read more

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Google Earth

Embedding HTML Content in Google Earth

One of my favorite teaching tools is the topic of today’s free webinar: Google Earth. We have produced three webinars about using Google Earth in the Classroom. The latest version of Google Earth lets teachers insert links, images, and videos via HTML into the “Comments” section when a place-marker, polygon, overlay, or line is created.… Read more

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Common Core State Standards

3 Projects Supporting the Common Core

Implementing the Common Core has brought about changes in the way we approach instruction, not only for ELA and Math, but for content areas as well. Along with this is a need to re-envision assessment of student performance. Here are some ongoing projects in support of the shifts we’re making in our schools.

1. New York Read more

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Internet Archive: TV News

Search 365,000 TV News Broadcasts

The Internet Archive is a library of archived PDF’s, audio tracks, videos, articles, and website — anything that exists in digital format. For example, using the Archive’s Wayback Machine, a teacher could bring students to The New York Times website as it appeared on a date in (recent) history. Students could use this research tool … Read more

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Simple English Wikipedia

Simple English Wikipedia

If you’ve ever done research using Wikipedia as a source you might have quickly realized that the language in the articles can be complex and technical. For younger students or those for whom English is a second language, the original Wikipedia articles can be quite a challenge.  That’s where Simple Wikipedia comes in.

Articles submitted … Read more

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