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Science Made Simple with Labdisc

From a student perspective, one of the best parts of any science class is the chance to perform a lab. I remember lab days being a huge source of excitement when I was a student. Finally, I’d think, a chance to do science rather than just read and talk about it! The same … Read more

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The Radix Endeavor-A New STEM Experience

Earlier in the year, I wrote a six-part series on the benefits and possible applications of gamification and games in a classroom setting. During the series, I discussed a number of platforms and tools teachers could use to gamify a classroom, as well as some ways pre-made games could be used to teach; however, near … Read more

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Podcasts You Should Listen To–Content and Inspiration

Hello Teachers! We hope you’re enjoying the last couple days before school. However, as you prepare for your next batch of eager learners, you shouldn’t forget to nurture your own love of learning–even after the summer ends.

In one of our previous blogs we discussed podcasts as tools for professional development, focusing on podcasts that … Read more

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Podcasts You Should Listen To–Teaching and Technology

Many people consider podcasting the future of radio, and they’re not entirely wrong. According to an article in the Washington Post last September, they found that in the course of a month, over 75 million people download at least one podcast, and those numbers are only growing. Some podcasts (the infamous Serial comes to mind) even … Read more

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NAO Robot

NAO at Its Sportiest: RoboCup 2015

We at Teq LOVE the NAO robot! As an educational tool, it’s ideal for teaching students about the basics of programming, as well as providing a cute, relateable context for what can be done with such skills. Students are drawn to the 23-inch robot, and quickly finding themselves learning programming vocabulary and logic–all in the name … Read more

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App Smashing!

App Smashing or App Synergy is when students use a combination of apps to create a final product that would not be possible to create with the sometimes limited capabilities of one app. App smashing comes from the inability of one app to do all you need, however, it creates a wonderful new opportunity for … Read more

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Cool Peripherals for Your Science Classroom

Thanks to our friend, Peter White, from Bodelin Technologies, we were able to demonstrate some more great tools for use in the science classroom through our Online PD platform. We ran a fun session demonstrating some of these tools with intriguing curriculum connections. You can tune into our course here with a subscription to … Read more

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Infuse Learning

A Sad Goodbye to Infuse Learning — What Now?

When I received the e-mail in my inbox informing me that Infuse Learning would be ending its run as a free, digital assessment resource, I thought I just might cry! Here at Teq, we have always demonstrated Infuse Learning as a great way to introduce successful mobile assessment in the classroom. We were particularly … Read more

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April Fools

Early Childhood and Technology: Is there a “Too Young”?

One of the greatest concerns of a rapidly evolving classroom is discerning whether or not something is appropriate to use. Teachers have already been practicing this when choosing content (no teacher is about to give complex algebra to first graders, for example) and in technique (such as a class using jigsaw reading only after all the … Read more

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Teq Online PD: Online Professional Development for Teachers

February is Full of Great Courses with Teq Online PD!

Our February calendar is chock-full of great content!

Based on customer request, we have added iPad classes airing the afternoon of Friday, February 6th. Come join us for Learning with the iPad from 12:00 – 1:00 PM and Project Based Learning with the iPad from 1:30-2:30 PM. Don’t forget that with a subscription to our … Read more

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