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Filipped Classroom in NYC

The Flipped Classroom – A Guest Blog Spot

Welcome back everyone! It has been an incredibly productive summer here at Teq. We launched our new studio only a few weeks ago, and we had a few additions and changes to our team.

To kick off the school year, we’re bringing in a few guest bloggers to share their view on a topic we … Read more

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Teq Online PD: Online Professional Development for Teachers

New Features in Teq Online PD

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In the latest update to Teq Online PD, administrators now have the option to recommend courses to members of their group. This much-requested feature is ideal for schools looking to get teachers started with courses focused on a particular technology tool or curricular … Read more

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Hyper iStick

Transferring Files from an iPad

Recently on Kickstarter, a new project from Hyper was announced called iStick.

iStick is, “the World’s 1st USB drive with integrated Apple approved Lightning connector.” It is designed to allow you to move data between computers and the newest generation of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch without the need for Internet or … Read more

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ProScope Micro Mobile in the Science Classroom

Science involves the use of a lot of technology. Much of what we know about the world today would still be a mystery if not for a few simple inventions, like the microscope. One of the most famous pioneers in microscopy is Anton Van Leewenhoek, who was developing lenses capable of observing single celled organisms … Read more

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SMART Notebook

Improve Math Skills with SMART Number Cruncher

Looking for a free software to help improve your student’s math skills? Well, look no further, you can use SMART Number Cruncher  Log in to the SMART Exchange website to download the software for free.

As the teacher, you are able to pick either addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division type of questions. You are even … Read more

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April Fools

New TeqPD Course Lineup

We are pleased to announce that our Spring 2014 course catalog is now available! Our newest courses reflect the cyclical nature of education and aim to eliminate the challenges that teachers face on a daily basis with “newer” technologies. These workshops have been developed with research from the early 80s and 90s in mind, and … Read more

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SMART Technologies

The “Magic” of SMART Boards: How Touch Technology Works

Many of us use touch technology everyday, whether it be on our smartphones or SMART Boards. Some of us have gotten so used to screens responding to our commands that we instinctively touch all screens expecting to get a reaction. Although touch screens are an extremely widely used part of technology, much like coding, few … Read more

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5 Ways to Use Aurasma in the Classroom

Aurasma is an augmented reality application that allows you to overlay any video or image on top of anything that your tablet, cell phone, or any other mobile device can scan with its camera. Using Aurasma is very much like using a QR code reader. In order to activate the overlayed image or video, the … Read more

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Flick to Share

Sharing is a vital part of learning and collaboration. It’s something that was built in to iOS 7 via AirDrop. But, the use of AirDrop is limited to iPhone 5 or later, the 4th generation iPad, iPad mini, and 5th generation iPod Touch. What can we use for quick sharing if we have other iOS … Read more

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Digital Learning Day

QR Codes for Learning on Digital Learning Day

QR codes are going to be integrated in many events that are being planned for Digital Learning Day.  Many teachers are using these two-dimensional codes as a learning tool in the classroom.  To use QR Codes, you need to have a tool to create them and a tool to read them using a mobile device.… Read more

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