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App Talk

Apps are great in the classroom…mostly. While Apple has provided a huge variety of possible downloads specifically for teachers, students, and classrooms, not every app is right for every classroom. Figuring out which to use and which to reject can be tricky, especially if a teacher is new to using iPhones or iPads in their … Read more

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Bring 3D to Your Classroom with zSpace

Engage Your Students and Enhance Your Classroom

We walk around everyday viewing the world around us in 3D. On the other hand, many of us spend a great deal of time looking at digital content on computers and other devices in 2D. Why not make our digital experience more life-like and view this content the … Read more

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NAO Robot

Concepts for the Modern Robotics Classroom

Robotics in Your Classroom—Are You Prepared?

Robotics programs are becoming more and more popular in public schools across the US. As of this article, hundreds of schools are currently reporting that they are running either a class or an after-school program focusing on robots. Even more are exploring the possibilities of adding their own robotics … Read more

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Assessing Behavior with DeansList

DeansList—A New Take on the Traditional Gradebook

One of the most difficult adjustments any teacher can make in their career is to their classroom management style. Whether it’s a first-year teacher struggling to find the class culture that suits their style, or an experienced teacher facing a necessary shift in procedure, integrating ways to monitor … Read more

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All About Pinterest

Launched in 2010, Pinterest (the social media website that allows users to create ‘boards’ and then pin content to those boards in order to save them) has been taking the education world by storm. With Pinterest, users can share their boards, comment on different items, or search other people’s boards to find more content that … Read more

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Teaching Coding (For Teachers who Can’t Code)

According to a recent study by, the vast majority of schools in the US do not provide a rigorous computer science curriculum ( One skill that is critically ignored in schools is the actual coding of computers, with many computer science skills focusing instead on office skills like using Microsoft Word and … Read more

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Google in the Classroom

Enrolling Your Chromebook for Device Management

Have you recently started using Chromebooks or other devices in your school with Google Apps for Education? Or, are you considering using them in the near future? As you may know, Chromebooks have become a popular solution for teachers and students due to affordability and ease of implementation. One thing you may not realize is … Read more

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Google in the Classroom

Google Educator Course and Exam Revamp

Are You a Google Aficionado?

If so, you might want to check out Google’s Educator Certification programs. Google has an online learning space where individuals can take basic courses followed by exams to receive a Google Educator Certification. Although these courses and exams are not new, Google is in the midst of a revamp.Google stated … Read more

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Download the December Calendar for Teq Online PD

Start the holiday season early with the new Teq Online PD calendar! Packed with 24 exciting classes, you’ll be ready to start the new year with all new lesson ideas. From holiday-themed classes to new STEM experiences, our December lineup will be the gift that keeps giving.

This December, check out these great courses and more! Read more

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See What’s New with Buncee EDU

New and Improved

Buncee, one of our favorite digital publishing tools here at Teq, has made some great improvements to the capabilities on their web-based creation platform. With a low-priced EDU Plus account, teachers and students now have increased functionality to create media-rich assignments, presentations, event invites, and more. With increases to storage space, creation … Read more

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