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SMART Maestro add on for Notebook

Welcome SMART Notebook 15.2

Here at Teq, we don’t know what we would do without our SMART Notebook Software, and we are VERY excited to announce some of the new updates to the platform released this week. With the subscription­-based versions of the software, SMART has promised multiple releases per year with new, engaging instructional tools. They certainly did … Read more

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AskNAO for the Special Ed Classroom

The NAO Robot is one of our most regular topics of discussion here at Teq, and with good reason. As an educational tool, it brings an entire new level of application and engagement when it comes to teaching students about programming and robotics. However, Aldebaran’s goals for their most famous product stretch farther than just … Read more

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YouTube as a Teacher Resource

Ah, Youtube. Many teachers that we’ve discussed the video-sharing site with have less than glowing opinions about its ability to be used in schools. While some state that the website is often blocked by their school’s network, others who do have access see it as a distraction, putting entertainment within easy reach of their students when … Read more

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Easy Infographics with Piktochart

The marriage of two important words in education, information and graphic, can lead us to a valuable presentation tool to engage visual learners. Infographics are great ways to present important information in a visually appealing way, and there are a number of web resources that can make the process of creating them quite simple. Piktochart Read more

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December Course Preview

As we approach the holiday season, join Teq for some exciting new online professional development courses just for you! This December, we will be finishing our Google Educator Basics Digital Teacher Certification and highlighting podcasting with some new and updated courses on how to use this exciting tool in your classroom!

Intro to Podcasting

In this Read more

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Science Made Simple with Labdisc

From a student perspective, one of the best parts of any science class is the chance to perform a lab. I remember lab days being a huge source of excitement when I was a student. Finally, I’d think, a chance to do science rather than just read and talk about it! The same … Read more

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The Radix Endeavor-A New STEM Experience

Earlier in the year, I wrote a six-part series on the benefits and possible applications of gamification and games in a classroom setting. During the series, I discussed a number of platforms and tools teachers could use to gamify a classroom, as well as some ways pre-made games could be used to teach; however, near … Read more

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Finding Tech Funding

We’ve all been there at least once. During your curriculum planning, you come across some amazing new technology while browsing for resources–a premium subscription to some fantastic web platform, a set of lessons designed for 1:1 iPads, the latest and greatest interactive projector–and immediately your brain starts buzzing with ways that your students could make … Read more

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October Class Preview – Teq Online PD

There’s a lot to look forward to in October with Teq Online PD! Not only do we have a plethora of courses to help you incorporate technology into your classroom in exciting new ways, but we are also able to share them with you on our brand new Online PD platform! During this month we complete Read more

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Welcome to the NEW Online PD!

Hello teachers!

Many of our readers are already dedicated users of our Online Professional Development, which allowed them access to both live and archived professional development videos, tailored to a wide number of subjects. Well, if that wasn’t good enough, this summer we’ve been working on making our favorite product even better. We are proud … Read more

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