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Google in the Classroom

New Features in Google Classroom

Google Classroom has recently added some great new features that let you collaborate with multiple teachers in one class and they’ve add more options on the app.

Inviting teachers to your class:

A much asked about feature is finally here! Now you can add multiple teachers to a class in your Google Classroom. If you … Read more

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Formative Assessments with Plickers

There is no doubt that digital forms of assessment are increasingly popular in modern-day classrooms. In many cases, they require students to have access to devices such as iPads or laptops. However, with Plickers, this is not the case. Through the web-based service along with an iPhone or Android app, teachers can assess students and … Read more

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Gamification: Class Systems In the Classroom (Part 4 of 6)

I should make a short clarification before beginning this installation of the series: ‘class system’ refers to a structure commonly found in games–mostly video games–rather than any other possible definition.

Pictured: An interesting topic, but not what we’re discussing.

If you’ve ever experimented with fantasy or social games (World of Warcraft immediately comes to … Read more

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Diving Deep with Ocearch

Kids think sharks are awesome.

And to be honest, it’s hard to argue against that.

As a former teacher, I’m always on the hunt for ways to take advantage of things kids like in order to increase engagement. If educators can repurpose real-world contexts to make subjects like math and science seem more appealing, we definitely … Read more

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Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 11.43.27 AM

Using LinkReader to Create Interactive Lessons

Have you ever used QR codes? Wouldn’t it be great if it could be an image instead? Now it can!

Imagine having your students scan an image of a tadpole on your wall. Similar to using a QR code, LinkReader then takes them to a video that explains the lifecycle of a frog or links … Read more

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Teq Online PD: Online Professional Development for Teachers

Great Classes this May with Teq Online PD

We’ve got some great Online PD sessions lined up this May! We are wrapping up our Google Educators Certification and beginning out Digital Teacher iPad Certification, as well as introducing a batch of new courses to help you incorporate technology into your classroom in exciting ways. Let’s check out a few!

What’s New in Notebook

Read more
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Gamification: Rethinking The Grading Process (Part 3 of 6)

Student grading, in the form it’s in today, has some serious issues. The source of these issues, and how to combat them in the classroom, has been the subject of multiple debates and movements. Some school districts have switched to standard-based grading designed to ensure that the grades on classwork reflect student performance on assessments, while … Read more

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SMART Technologies

SMART Notebook 15 is Here!

Here at Teq, we are excited to see that our SMART friends continue to enhance the Notebook Interactive Learning Software with the release of the most recent version, SMART Notebook 15.

Notebook 15 is full of really great updates that increase functionality and interactivity for the classroom. Teachers can create engaging lesson content with the … Read more

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Earth Day 2014

Earth Day Film Festival with TEDEd

This Earth Day, celebrate in your class with a mini film festival of Earth-themed TEDEd videos! On Wednesday April 22nd, share these informative and short clips with your students and learn about topics such as global warming, water systems, tree eco systems, and more. And the best part? Each of these free and educational videos comes … Read more

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Illustrative Mathematics Gets a New Look

If you are a math teacher looking for some great, investigative, Common Core content for instruction, look no further than Illustrative Mathematics. The Illustrative Mathematics website recently underwent a transformation, simplifying the navigation process and expanding the free materials that encourage students to perform investigations around various mathematics principles.

What educators love most about … Read more

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