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URL Shortener Bitly

Short and Sweet: URL Shorteners Made Easy

We all like to share the great things we find on the web. But, sometimes a website’s address or URL is so long and complicated that it’s not easily remembered or shared. That’s where URL shorteners come in.

Why do we shorten URL’s?

We shorten URL’s basically because we like to share what we’ve found … Read more

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NAO Robot

Choose Your Own Adventure with the NAO Robot

For anyone unsure of how to use a NAO robot in the classroom, our recent free webinar provides a good example. It demonstrates how the NAO robot can be brought into a school and used as a platform for group work, collaboration, narrative writing, and programming (with Choreographe software). Literacy skills are also brought into … Read more

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SMART Technologies

The “Magic” of SMART Boards: How Touch Technology Works

Many of us use touch technology everyday, whether it be on our smartphones or SMART Boards. Some of us have gotten so used to screens responding to our commands that we instinctively touch all screens expecting to get a reaction. Although touch screens are an extremely widely used part of technology, much like coding, few … Read more

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SMART Extreme Collaboration

Creating Activities That Maximize the Use of Extreme Collaboration

In a previous blog post, we described how to set up the Extreme Collaboration add-on to use with your SMART Notebook lessons. Here are some thoughts about the types of activities that can make the best use of this tool.

Open ended responses

This type of response to a question can help you to:… Read more

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5 Steps for Using the New Curriculet App in Edmodo

Teachers who use Edmodo are familiar with the app store that allows you to integrate a number of great resources into the work your students are doing in groups. This week, Curriculet announced that they’ve also joined the Edmodo App store providing teachers with the tools to build interactive content and assign it to the … Read more

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Pi Day 2014

Pi Day 2014

Pi is an extremely interesting number, and the day to celebrate it is March 14th. The continuing pop culture references to Pi are evidence of the love people have for Math, and Math’s most widely known constant. Author of the Life of Pi, Yann Martel, said this of his choice of the name “Pi” … Read more

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3 Steps to Using BiblioNasium to Motivate Reading

Providing students with reading challenges has been popular in the classroom for a long time.  Like many tasks, it takes lots of practice to get better at reading.  For some students, one way to get them engaged is to give them something to read that is of high interest to them, be it a graphic … Read more

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SMART Extreme Collaboration

3 Easy Steps to Extreme Collaboration

As we design learning experiences for our students, one of our most important goals is to make sure that students are actively engaged in the learning.  Extreme Collaboration is an add-on to any version of SMART Notebook 11 that promotes active engagement during your lessons. There have been some changes recently that allow you … Read more

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5 Areas Where Hemingway Can Help Struggling Writers

As a former middle school ELA teacher, I appreciate the challenges of teaching students how to write the clear, informative texts called for by the Common Core Standards. Students often have trouble making their sentences concise and sticking to the topic at hand. They create long-winded sentences that end up losing their reader. Here is … Read more

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12 Things You Need to Know About LearnerPal

In January we posted about the great online learning tool, LearnerPal. While it has a ton of great features that set it apart, here are 12 things educators will want to know about LearnerPal if they are looking for a solution to help them with assessment and test prep.

1. What does LearnerPal do … Read more

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