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Google, Geogebra, & Educreations in January on Teq Online PD

This January, check out these great courses and more! 

Google Drive, Part 1: Organization & Storage

Learn how to use Google Drive as a cloud storage solution. See how to organize your files for easy access, upload new files to the drive, convert existing content from other common applications, and upload and store even more … Read more

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Enhancing Your Educreations Experience

I recently visited a school to support their new implementation of iPads and was very excited to show the teachers how to use Educreations, an iPad app and website for creating and recording video presentations. The idea was to have students create a short video to review one main topic they learned in their math … Read more

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Playlists aren’t just for music anymore

In the age of internet-connected devices and “e” everything, there exists a high need for solutions to manage our educational content and resources. Most likely, you have playlists of songs in your iTunes library, or perhaps you’ve got the entire season of Breaking Bad recorded on your DVR. Either way, the goal is to centralize … Read more

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SMART, Buncee, Educreations, InstaGrok – Teq Webinar Recap

We’ve had six free webinars so far this year, and with one left before Summer, we thought we’d take an opportunity to recap them, and share the archived videos on our blog. We’ll be planning our webinar series for the Fall, so please let us know what you’d like to see.

10 Little

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Elephants and Ice Skates

Here’s an idea for PBL that a high school class may enjoy.

Which case would apply more pressure on a floor — an elephant standing on its hind legs or an Olympic figure skater standing on both skates?

The imagery is startling and almost comical — perfect for an inquisitive teenager busy analyzing the surrounding … Read more

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Part 2: 12 iPad apps for Hebrew

Recently we posted a blog with six great apps that are helping Jewish educators to better engage their students with the iPad.  Here are some more apps that have Hebrew content or can be applied well in Hebrew studies.

1. Total Recall

Total Recall, by Zyense, is an easy-to-use concept mapping utility that works well … Read more

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Learning with the iPad

5 Tips for Using iPads in the Classroom

Using iPads in the classroom has been a popular topic over the past year, so it’s no wonder that our Learning with the iPad PD sessions continue to be a popular choice for educators looking to learn to use the iPad more effectively during daily instruction.

iPads can be used for project-based learning, assessment, flipping … Read more

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Flip Your Classroom with Educreations

Educreations is a very popular screen casting whiteboard app. From its easy to use interface and robust collection of teacher-created screencasts, Educreations is one of the best iPad apps for your classroom. Because Educreations is a blank whiteboard, it can be used in any subject to explain concepts, review topics and give a teacher a … Read more

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How to Flip Your Classroom

5 Steps and 10 Tools for Flipping the Classroom

If you’re thinking of flipping your classroom, we’ve compiled a list of  five simple steps and ten tools to get you started. Download out newest ebook where we take an example topic (finding the perimeter of a rectangle) and walk you through the steps to create a video, share it with students, and create opportunities Read more

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Back to School

Back to School

Welcome back! We hope you had a great Summer! If you were away from the blog, here’s a quick recap of some the things we covered and a what’s coming up in the next few weeks.

First, it’s not too late to register for the new Teq Calendar, shipping this week. Register now.

This Summer … Read more

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