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The Ultimate SMART Board Troubleshooting Guide

Is stress over your SMART Board getting you down?

It’s true; sometimes even the most reliable technologies can have a hiccup here and there, and sometimes these small hiccups can result in lost instructional time.

Now finding a solution is easy with The Ultimate SMART Board Troubleshooting Guide. Available free for download, our new … Read more

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Enhancing Your Educreations Experience

I recently visited a school to support their new implementation of iPads and was very excited to show the teachers how to use Educreations, an iPad app and website for creating and recording video presentations. The idea was to have students create a short video to review one main topic they learned in their math … Read more

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Hyper iStick

Transferring Files from an iPad

Recently on Kickstarter, a new project from Hyper was announced called iStick.

iStick is, “the World’s 1st USB drive with integrated Apple approved Lightning connector.” It is designed to allow you to move data between computers and the newest generation of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch without the need for Internet or … Read more

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5 Ways to Use Aurasma in the Classroom

Aurasma is an augmented reality application that allows you to overlay any video or image on top of anything that your tablet, cell phone, or any other mobile device can scan with its camera. Using Aurasma is very much like using a QR code reader. In order to activate the overlayed image or video, the … Read more

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Frolyc and Learn

More and more, we’re finding tools on the web and for mobile devices that allow teachers to create activities for students that can be aligned with the Common Core Standards and that help to personalize student learning.  Frolyc is a tool that does just that.

Here’s why you might consider using Frolyc:

1. Activities are

Read more
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Part 1: 12 iPad apps for Hebrew

More and more Jewish educators are working with iPads to better engage their students. Here is a sampling of apps that have Hebrew content or can be applied well in Hebrew studies.

1. Hebrew Lesson

Hebrew Lesson, by Vannala Mobile Apps, LLC, helps new language learners (kids to adult) to learn Hebrew words easily. Builds … Read more

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Nearpod for All!

Teachers with access to iPads have come to love Nearpod, a classroom resource that engages students, seamlessly incorporates interactivity , and provides data for easy monitoring of students progress. What’s not to love? Until recently, this gem was only available as an iPad app. Now it is accessible from any device! BYOD initiatives across the country … Read more

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We’re Doing “Handsprings” at Teq

Looking for a fun and appealing way to review and cover basic language and math skills with your early elementary students? We’re happy to announce the launch of our newest app called Handsprings, now available in both the Edmodo and iPad App Stores. Handsprings contains an animated story, poem, recipe, craft and extension activities all … Read more

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Top iPad Apps 2013

5 Options for Connecting Your iPad to a Classroom Display

Understanding how to connect your iPad to a projector or computer is an integral part of using your iPad in the classroom.

Once connected, you may also have the ability control your computer like a virtual mouse. Teachers love this because it frees them from standing at the front of their room in order to touch … Read more

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Ask3 App from TechSmith

Multiple Groups in Ask3

Ask3 is one of Teq’s favorite iPad apps. We previously reviewed it in our blog, and featured it during our iPad Appy Hour webinar last spring. Recently, TechSmith came out with a phenomenal update to the app allowing for multiple classes or groups.

Ask3’s simple interface makes it easy to create and share screencasts … Read more

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