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Free Trial of SMART amp

New SMART amp Math Equation Feature

A new feature in SMART amp allows users to author math equations in the text editor. The new feature includes symbols and numbers that can be added into your text, however they are not editable. They include math symbols, fractions, Greek characters, and arrows. Additionally, SMART amp has added a superscript and subscript feature to … Read more

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Valentine's Day Math

Using Your Love of Math on Valentine’s Day

In the mathematics classroom, you can share your love of Math with students by graphing or completing a construction of heart shaped graphs. The following math programs are free to download or already built into your computer.

Microsoft Mathematics

Microsoft Mathematics is a free calculator software (all you need is an Outlook.com or Google account) … Read more

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We’re Doing “Handsprings” at Teq

Looking for a fun and appealing way to review and cover basic language and math skills with your early elementary students? We’re happy to announce the launch of our newest app called Handsprings, now available in both the Edmodo and iPad App Stores. Handsprings contains an animated story, poem, recipe, craft and extension activities all … Read more

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Animated Factorization Diagrams

Inspired by Brent Yorgey Factorization Diagrams, Stephen Von Worley wrote an algorithm which creates visuals on the fly for all natural numbers.  The result is a mesmerizing dance of primes, composites, and their constituents.  Watch primes (represented as circular arrays) as they become rarer in the higher numbers.  Even rarer, watch for “Twin Primes” – primes that differ by … Read more

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Zombie Math

The Math of a Zombie Apocalypse

Ever kept yourself awake at night thinking about a possible zombie apocalypse? I’ll admit that I do. But how fast would it all go down? How many days would I have before the entire globe is engulfed by brain-munching corpses? How many episodes are left of The Walking Dead?

While discussing zombies one day … Read more

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Pi Day

Day of Pi

Pi is an extremely interesting number, and the day to celebrate it is 3/14. The continuing pop culture references to Pi are evidence of the love people have for Math, and Math’s most widely known constant. Author of the Life of Pi, Yann Martel, said this of his choice of the name “Pi” for … Read more

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Google Chrome Graphing Calculator

A graphing calculator is an indispensable tool in the Math classroom. If you do not already have access to a graphing calculator on your SMART Board, you can use the free Desmos Graphing Calculator Google Chrome app.

It is an easy install to the Google Chrome browser from their app store.

Any graph or calculation … Read more

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