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The Ultimate SMART Board Troubleshooting Guide

Is stress over your SMART Board getting you down?

It’s true; sometimes even the most reliable technologies can have a hiccup here and there, and sometimes these small hiccups can result in lost instructional time.

Now finding a solution is easy with The Ultimate SMART Board Troubleshooting Guide. Available free for download, our new … Read more

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SMART Technologies

The “Magic” of SMART Boards: How Touch Technology Works

Many of us use touch technology everyday, whether it be on our smartphones or SMART Boards. Some of us have gotten so used to screens responding to our commands that we instinctively touch all screens expecting to get a reaction. Although touch screens are an extremely widely used part of technology, much like coding, few … Read more

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Free eBooks by TeqPD

“That is a good book which is opened with expectation and closed with profit.”–Amos Bronson Alcott

Sadly, Amos probably did not mean monetary profit, but here at Teq we have many eBooks that your classroom can profit from educationally. Whether you are just getting started using a SMART Board or you’re ready to venture … Read more

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Observations at Edscape 2013

Attending teacher conferences has been a big part of my job over the past few years with Teq. One of my favorite conferences has been Edscape hosted at New Milford High School in New Jersey. This has been my 3rd straight year attending as a presenter and the first time I have attended sessions I … Read more

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SMART Notebook

10 Most Frequently Asked SMART Board Troubleshooting Questions, Part 1

To hopefully eliminate some stress as you begin the new school year, here are the answers to 5 of the 10 most frequently asked SMART Board troubleshooting questions fielded by our instructional technology and support staff (6 – 10 will be posted tomorrow!).

1. How do I setup my SMART Board once it’s been installed?

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Fix for Using Google Chrome on Your SMART Board

Are you a fan of Google’s Chrome web browser, but have found that it doesn’t work well on your SMART Board?  If you’re like me, there are too many things to like about Chrome – from the simple, streamlined look to the speed and seamless integration with my Google Apps content – to have to … Read more

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SMART Board Quick Reference Guide

Getting to Know Your SMART Board

Want to know more about your SMART Board? Download our SMART Board Quick Reference Guide. If you have just received a new SMART Board in your classroom, or just feel you need to know more about it, the quick reference guide will help you with setting up, familiarizing yourself with the different parts, and, most … Read more

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Using a Webcam to Capture Images to Your SMART Board

If you are looking to use your webcam for the purpose of taking pictures and annotating those images, look no further. This video will explain how to capture photos via webcam and then seamlessly add them to your SMART Notebook 11 software.

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Mirror, Mirror on the… Interactive Whiteboard

With so many teachers now using iPads in their classroom, a frequent question that comes up is, “Can I project my iPad on my SMART Board?” The answer is “yes!”  Projecting (or mirroring) works with most apps installed on iPad 2.  For iPad 1, in general, photos and videos are displayed best. At this time, however, there … Read more

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Plot Real World Functions with Algodoo

Algodoo is a physics-based 2D sandbox which has features and functions designed specifically for use on the SMART Board. The video below shows how Algodoo’s “plot” tool can be used for a lesson on interpreting graphs and real-world functions. In this example, we create a plot showing the height of a Ferris Wheel’s car over … Read more

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