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SMART Board Alignment

What’s the Point(s)?

This is a shout-out to all of the happy OCD’ers out there in teacherland. Yes, those who have alphabetized their sock drawer and are frequent users of SMART Notebook’s Alignment Tool will be happy to know that SMART Notebook software allows the adjustment of the number of orientation points. The more points of orientation on … Read more

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Math Open Reference

Math Open Reference

The Math Open Reference Project is a free interactive math textbook on the web.  It provides High School Geometry Teachers with  amazingly smooth animations, often with draggable items, to demonstrate a variety of Geometric concepts.  For an example of this, check out this animation of The Euler Line and the 9-Point Incircle.

You can also change parameters within Read more

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Using Your Kindle with a SMART Board

The Kindle has changed the way we read books. Students are very comfortable with technology, but many are reluctant readers. The Kindle can help us bridge that gap for our students. Plus, the Kindle is a great tool to use on your SMART Board!

If you own a Kindle you can download the free Kindle … Read more

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Heart-Shaped Math

Heart Shaped Math for Valentine’s Day

It’s no secret that Math is beautiful, and everyone loves it. This Valentine’s Day, celebrate that love with some Heart Shaped Graphs.  There are many ways to graph a heart, and a lot of great Math programs to help you.  If you have SMART Notebook Math Tools, you can use the Equations Tool to graph x²+(y³√x²)²=1 .  Click Read more

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3outube to download Videos

When it comes to downloading YouTube videos, “3” is the magic number. If your school is blocked from YouTube, and there’s a clip you’d like to show your class, the video below shows how you can insert that clip into Notebook.

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Free Christmas Learning Object

Teq has a  free learning object available for download. It’s the Teq Christmas Word Bucket. It is similar to our Halloween Word Bucket that we posted in October. This object allows teachers to easily create interactive activities with a holiday theme. Use the word bucket for mathematics, foreign language, Social Studies, ELA, ESL, and … Read more

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Nat’l Library of Virtual Manipulatives

The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (NLVM) contains more than 100 free, web-based manipulatives for math.

My favorite is  “Base Blocks”. When you move a block one column to the right, it breaks apart to show that you have made an exchange. Items can also be re-grouped!  Terrific for lessons on Place Value, Adding, and Subtracting.  … Read more

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Using the SMART Board to Address AAC, Language, & Literacy in the Classroom

Join Dr. Carol Goossens and  Patricia Snyder, MA CCC/SLP, on Dec 2nd at Abilities! SMEAL Learning Center, as they demonstrate six creative ways an SLP and teacher can collaborate using SMART Board Interactive Whitboard to conduct differentiated, group intervention within the classroom setting.

Learn how to use the SMART Board to provide your students with symbol-supported … Read more

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First the Leaves, Now the Pen Tools — Changing Colors!

As the leaves begin to change color,  consider spicing things up a little bit with your SMART Board by changing the color of the pen tools.  Typically when you pick up a blue pen tool and write notes it writes in blue, pick up a black pen and write notes and the digital ink would … Read more

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Visual Answer for Matching Activity

The video below shows how “Question Flipper Image” can be used to create an answer key for a matching activity.  The goal of this activity is to provide feedback, without disturbing object placement on the page.  This will keep the learner’s visual attention, and limit unnecessary distractions.

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