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Easy Infographics with Piktochart

The marriage of two important words in education, information and graphic, can lead us to a valuable presentation tool to engage visual learners. Infographics are great ways to present important information in a visually appealing way, and there are a number of web resources that can make the process of creating them quite simple. Piktochart Read more

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The Ultimate SMART Board Troubleshooting Guide

Is stress over your SMART Board getting you down?

It’s true; sometimes even the most reliable technologies can have a hiccup here and there, and sometimes these small hiccups can result in lost instructional time.

Now finding a solution is easy with The Ultimate SMART Board Troubleshooting Guide. Available free for download, our new … Read more

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Asking the Right Questions… with Google!

Trying to enhance your students’ research and creative thinking skills? While there may be no such thing as a stupid question, when it comes to finding the right answer, not all questions are created equal either. A Google a Day may be just the tool you are looking for to teach your students how to … Read more

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Sumdog’s Know Their Math

Make video games a learning activity. Sumdog has a wide selection of free numeration games and teacher tools that will keep your students engaged in math.

Sumdog’s math games cover over 100 numeracy topics, which span 10 levels of difficulty. Your students can challenge each other or you can divide your class into teams so … Read more

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Fresh Prep

Fresh Prep Makes History Pop

Have you ever noticed how your students know the words to every song, but you can’t seem to get them to recall the causes of World War I? Well there’s a way to combine music with history, and it is available by Fresh Prep! This site makes learning fun and interactive! It also provides … Read more

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Drop it To me

DropBox is a great tool for saving your files in a place that will allow you to retrieve them from any computer or mobile device (check out our webinar on organizing your computer). Sharing files with your students is as easy as giving them a link to a file in your public DropBox folder. But, … Read more

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PhET Online Physics Simulations

PhET provides free, fun, interactive, research-based simulations of physical phenomena. This site offers a plethora of simulations of common topics that deal with the physical world. PhET enables students to make connections between real-life phenomena and the underlying science, deepening their understanding and appreciation of the world around them.

To help students visually comprehend concepts, … Read more

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Calling All Art Teachers

Calling all Art teachers! Looking for a place to display student’s artwork, or a forum to share your student’s artwork with families and school communities throughout the world? Artsonia.com is precisely this place. One of the best parts of being an Art teacher is the ability to share the work that your students have created. … Read more

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Book Adventure

Book Adventure

September 6 is Read a Book Day and September 8 is International Literacy Day.

Book Adventure is a free site that “encourage(s) students in grades K-8 to read more often, for longer periods of time, with greater understanding.” On the site, teachers can create a class and monitor their students reading progress.

In the “Teachers … Read more

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The Adjective Detective

The Adjective Detective

The Children’s University of Manchester is an amazing website. They have a wealth of topics, from Body and Medicines to The Earth and Beyond. From the Words section of the site, the Adjective Detective game helps students learn all about adjectives: what an adjective is, how it is used in a sentence, and how … Read more

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