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YouTube as a Teacher Resource

Ah, Youtube. Many teachers that we’ve discussed the video-sharing site with have less than glowing opinions about its ability to be used in schools. While some state that the website is often blocked by their school’s network, others who do have access see it as a distraction, putting entertainment within easy reach of their students when … Read more

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11 Things We Learned About Social Media in the Classroom

Social Media has become a part of our everyday lives. This is even more true for students in our increasingly-connected world. We covered some best practices when using Social Media in the Classroom in our recent webinar, and asked participants to post something learned to either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (#TeqPD or @TeqPD) for … Read more

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Google Earth

Embedding HTML Content in Google Earth

One of my favorite teaching tools is the topic of today’s free webinar: Google Earth. We have produced three webinars about using Google Earth in the Classroom. The latest version of Google Earth lets teachers insert links, images, and videos via HTML into the “Comments” section when a place-marker, polygon, overlay, or line is created.… Read more

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TED-Ed: Flipping the Learning, Part 2

In a previous blog post, we took a look at the TED-Ed initiative where educators can find high quality videos and create customized lessons using those videos.  As an alternative to choosing from the library of videos on the site, you can choose any of your favorite videos from YouTube.  A number of educators Read more

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Dial Polling Edmodo App

Turn your classroom into a newsroom using the latest data from your students! Use the dial polling app in Edmodo to gauge sentiment on the latest presidential debate or your school’s debate club! With the dial polling app you can embed a YouTube video or YouTube live stream and create a dial poll while you … Read more

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Felix Baumgartner Jump in the Classroom

5 Ways to Incorporate Felix Baumgartner’s Jump into the Classroom

1. Use Fluid Math to teach acceleration due to gravity.  The video below shows how FluidMath’s Animation feature allows you to write a function (such as ay= – 9.8t2) that describes an object’s motion, and then run a simulation of the movement along a path.

2. Use Algodoo to simulate the ascent Read more

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New TeqPD YouTube Channel

Teq has started a new YouTube channel: TeqPD. There you can find all of our TeqCasts, archived webinars, and FAQ videos. You can subscribe to the channel to receive updates every time a new video is added.… Read more

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3outube to download Videos

When it comes to downloading YouTube videos, “3” is the magic number. If your school is blocked from YouTube, and there’s a clip you’d like to show your class, the video below shows how you can insert that clip into Notebook.

Read more

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TeacherTube: Your school doesn’t block it!

So many sites on the internet would be great for education if they followed their original design. Just imagine if Facebook were actually a social networking tool that connected students with similar interests allowing them to share useful information instead of merely facilitating the transmission of embarrassing pictures, quizzes about obscure 1980’s movies, and something … Read more

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