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Infographics – Creating Your Own for the Classroom
March 14, 2018

Beans, Bacon, and Grammar On the first day of my leave replacement, you could say I was nervous. For 6 months, I would be taking over the classes of a beloved 7th-grade teacher who had very big shoes for me to fill. For that reason, I knew a lot weighed on that first lesson, and I […] Read More

SMART VS ClearTouch
March 12, 2018

Last month we posted a video about how the SMART Board compares with the new Promethean ActivPanel on the most basic features – starting up and writing with digital ink. The results were pretty clear. Again, full disclosure, Teq is proud to be a SMART-only company when it comes to the technology we sell. Our […] Read More

Interactive Flat Panel side-by-side comparison
February 9, 2018

If you are in the market for an interactive display, you’ve hopefully gotten a chance to try both a SMART Board (6000 or 7000 series) and a Promethean ActivPanel. This has most likely happened during a few minutes in a conference booth, or during a demo or trial onsite at your school. What you probably […] Read More

Teq Announces New Teq Online PD™ Options for Single Sign-On (SSO) and Automatic Rostering
February 6, 2018

  If you’re like most of us, you have dozens of username and password post-its for one too many accounts. You’re likely using multiple applications for classroom instruction, on top of your school’s student information systems (SIS), PD, or HR management platforms. It gets complicated. To simplify your log-in struggles, Teq Online PD now offers […] Read More

Poll Everywhere: The Poll in Google Slides Edition
December 21, 2016

One of the best ways of reaching an audience to poll them is to embed a survey tool inside of a presentation. In previous posts, we discussed how the Poll Everywhere (PE) application can be embedded on a PowerPoint presentation–thereby collecting data and responses from the audience. As noted in our previous e-Book, “Mobile and Web-Based Assessment” […] Read More

Top 5 YouTube Resources for the Social Studies Classroom
December 20, 2016

Today’s history class is a much different place than when I was in school. Back in the day, it was commonplace to find a teacher drawing battle formations on a transparency of Europe while adjusting the focus on their old circa-1992 projector. Now, new classroom technologies and free resources like YouTube have allowed teachers to say “buh-bye” to those old […] Read More

Saving Teachers Time
November 29, 2016

“Wow I have a lot of extra time on my hands today,” said no teacher, ever. Let’s face it, teachers are busy. When I was a classroom teacher, I was lucky enough to get a bathroom break some days! And as if every day wasn’t a whirlwind already, now schools are expecting teachers to integrate more […] Read More

Revealing Adobe Creative Cloud’s New Publishing Panel (beta) Premiere Pro is now adding Social
November 22, 2016

Adobe has been in the video, editing, audio, motion, and  graphics world for about 25 years now. However, over the last few years Adobe has really dived into the passion of online video users, producers, creators, and editors. From hometown YouTube stars to celebrity video blogs, people everywhere have been changing the world of video […] Read More

Digital Assessments for the Classroom
November 8, 2016

Assessments are an essential component in learning because they help the students learn, and provide the teacher with valuable data about student performance. Unfortunately, as many educators have experienced, grading assessments can take up a lot of valuable time. For that reason, we here at Teq are big fans of digital assessment. Digital assessments can be […] Read More

The Path to 270 – Interactive Electoral College Map
November 7, 2016

We’re in the final hours of what’s felt like a never-ending election cycle. It’s been a whole four years since we last posted some resources for our readers to use in your classrooms. Fear not! We have you covered for at least tomorrow, where you and your students can analyze each candidate’s path to 270 […] Read More

Five Instagram Accounts For the Science Classroom

In today’s modern classroom, teachers may find it difficult to connect with their students who cannot stop looking at their phones. Rather than shun the use of such technology, teachers should embrace it and use it to their advantage in order to make their subject matter more exciting. To help, we’ve accumulated five Instagram accounts […] Read More

What is the Difference Between Gamification and Game-based Learning?
November 3, 2016

Gamification is not a new concept, however it is often confused with game-based learning and playing games. As more educators begin to implement these two concepts into the classroom, we at Teq think it is important for educators and parents to know the differences between the two concepts, the benefits of creating lessons using gamification […] Read More

New SMART amp Feature and Video – Interacting with SMART Notebook Files within SMART amp
October 25, 2016

SMART amp feature makes a change for the better We’ve always been big fans of both SMART Notebook and SMART amp. However, when in SMART amp, the interaction between these two solutions left something to be desired. Now all that has changed with SMART’s latest update. Within SMART amp, users can now interact with SMART Notebook files inside of the SMART […] Read More

Teq Online PD Nominated for Stellar Service Award by Tech & Learning Magazine
October 21, 2016

We are proud to announce that Teq Online PD has been nominated for the Stellar Service Award by Tech & Learning Magazine! This year, our PD team introduced Instructional Support Now—one of the many features that earned Teq Online PD its nomination for “Best Use of Afterschool Time (Best Online PD Training).” With over 200 live and archived […] Read More

Focusing Attention Using SMART Ink
October 18, 2016

Shorter attention spans and SMART solutions According to a Time Magazine article published back in May of 2015, researchers found that humans now have a shorter attention span than the average goldfish. Due to the increase in overstimulation from technology “people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds, highlighting the affects of an increasingly digitalized lifestyle […] Read More

The SMART Learning Suite and its Impact on Hawai’i’s Iolani School
October 14, 2016

We always enjoy seeing our favorite classroom solutions in action. Since bringing the SMART Learning Suite to Honolulu’s Iolani School (featured in the video above), the amazing staff and students have fully embraced the software to help support their learning goals. “It’s pretty amazing. Every teacher uses it [the SMART Learning Suite] in different ways” said mathematics […] Read More

Kahoot! is Going Global!
October 7, 2016

This just in—Kahoot! has officially raised $10 million dollars in their efforts to help improve learning for all students (and yes, we mean ALL students. Kahoot! is now going global)! Why is it so great? Kahoot! is a free classroom assessment platform that allows teachers to gamify quizzes, discussions, questions, and polls, turning them into group or […] Read More

Introducing STEM Fuse!

Welcome STEM Fuse to the Teq lineup! Founded in 2009 by Carter Tatge, STEM Fuse had one simple goal—promote and improve STEM education. To do this, the STEM Fuse team developed high quality, easily taught STEM curricula that is designed to achieve two goals. 1. It must truly interest and engage students and 2. The courses […] Read More

3 Ways to Use Pokemon GO in The Classroom
July 29, 2016

Gotta catch em all? Educators from all around the web are offering ideas for incorporating Pokémon GO into the classroom. The game, which debuted in July, has become an instant hit with kids and adults alike. Similar to the rise ofMinecraft, educators have begun to embrace Pokémon GO because of its potential for gamification. Here at Teq, […] Read More

Teq in NEWSDAY: Teq becomes exclusive SMART distributor for New York state
June 30, 2016

Chris Hickey, front, president of the Huntington Station-based education technology company Teq, and the company’s CEO Damian Scarfo at Teq headquarters on Monday, April 25, 2015. Photo Credit: Newsday / John Paraskevas   Teq, a Huntington Station-based distributor of educational technology, has landed an exclusivity agreement to be the sole distributor of hardware and software […] Read More

Aldebaran’s Community Update
January 29, 2016

Aldebaran has recently announced that on February 15th, they will be shutting down their current version of their Community website. Many of you who work with the NAO Robot may be familiar with this site as the host of the App Store, the Aldebaran Forum, and the Resource hub, where teachers can download software, curriculum, and everything needed to keep their robot in top shape. Read More

Take the SMART kapp iQ Challenge: 30-Day FREE Trial
August 27, 2015

ATTENTION ALL EDUCATORS. Life has just become easier (and cheaper) for you! The very latest SMART Board flat panel, the SMART kapp iQ, is available FREE for a month-long trial. Just to clarify, that is 720 hours, or 43,200 minutes with the most advanced 4K interactive display on the market. (Kind of a big deal.) Read More

The Library of Congress – The World’s Largest Library in Your Classroom!
January 8, 2015

Help your students meet Common Core Standards, look no further than the education page of the Library of Congress (LOC). As the largest library in the world, their online site is a valuable resource for teachers wanting to incorporate these documents into their classrooms. Read More