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Teq Certified Users

Here is the current list of Teq-Certified Users who have completed the entire training program with a successful score on the rubric.

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First NameLast NameSchool
JulissaLazalaLehman College
MayraCastilloLehman College
MariaSantosLehman College
OsamRabadiLehman College
RitaIkemefunaLehman College
JoshuaMintzLehman College
JelirY. SantiagoLehman College
PaulC. DardenLehman College
CarmenWinchester-ReedLehman College
BSainvilLehman College
EmillyZabalaLehman College
LoisGartenbergLehman College
MaxwellOsamLehman College
SarahEsselLehman College
JoannaGomezLehman College
ShobhaaInderdeoLehman College
RobertMiltnerLehman College
MarinaSaninLehman College
IvannaUquillasLehman College
EugeniaValliadesLehman College
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