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Using Data to Personalize Learning

Sharnell Jackson of Data-Driven Innovations talks about using data to personalize instruction and the importance of teacher collaboration.

Teq and our partners work with schools to link data to state education departments; help teachers better understand educational data; and facilitate data access, analysis, and use.

  • We work with teachers and administrators to create a data team with your school
  • We work with teachers to carve out time to collaborate with their colleagues and discuss strategies around using data
  • We moderate data teams and share best practices
  • We work with teachers to personalize curriculum and lessons
  • We rapidly scale up the use of data based on the success of a data initiative

We offer customized professional development designed around leveraging data for personalized instruction, as well as individual workshops where data is used to inform lesson creation.

Data-Driven Solutions FAQs

I have data, can Teq show me how to use it?
Yes, we can provide a comprehensive analysis of your data and connect the findings to instructional strategies.

My teachers don’t have time to analyze data, much less work on strategies for using it. Can Teq help?
Yes, all of our PD seeks to make teachers more efficient, from creating lessons, to integrating technology, to aligning with standards. Greater efficiency leads to more time for collaborating on strategies around using data.

Can Teq help me use my interactive whiteboard to deliver targeted instruction and assessments?
Yes, creating assessments and personalizing lessons for target groups is our strongest competency. We have the most comprehensive programs structured around interactive whiteboard integration of all PD providers on the market.

Professional Development for Data-Driven Teaching

Throughout our PD offerings we infuse the leveraging of student data to personalize learning and improve student achievement. We are proud to partner with Sharnell Jackson, who literally wrote the book on this topic and is a nationally recognized leader on using data in the instructional planning process.

Teaching and Learning Should Be Unique

Whether it's creating a culture of data-driven instruction, differentiating instruction, addressing IEP goals, or getting started with learner response systems, we create professional development for schools to achieve success. Federal initiatives, like Race to the Top, encourage schools to use data to drive instruction.

Read more about our PD offerings, including how to participate in a live session.

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