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Together we can make a difference!

Ever wish you could fill your school with the latest classroom technology but worry that funding would get in the way? Stop worrying and start making that dream a possibility with a Grants and Funding Partnership with Teq!

Grants & Funding Services

In just 2 years, our expert team of grant writers and specialists has succeeded in building grant-funded initiatives in numerous high needs schools, creating innovative teaching and learning opportunities for both educators and administrators, and fostering STEM/STEAM growth in school programs across New York and New Jersey.

A grant and funding partnership with Teq can offer your school numerous opportunities, perfectly tailored to fit your school initiatives. Our enthusiastic team is ready to collaborate with your administrators to design and create personalized grant applications — guaranteed to provide your school with the best opportunity to succeed.

Product Highlights

As an annual member of the Teq Grant Writing Program, your district will be part of three major grant applications, with a potential return of $1.5MM – 2.5MM to your district. You will receive a personalized Funding and Program Development Roadmap that outlines the process and evolves into a source book of funding and program development information throughout the year. Additionally, you will gain immediate access to all of the other Teq Grant Writing Services including funding briefing meetings, grant writing workshops, and opportunities to join dialogues with funders and educational leaders.

Grants Roadmap Binder

The Teq Approach

The Teq approach to successful grants development goes well beyond the development of a grant application and is comprised of three parts:

Identify great ideas

Successful grant applications bring the excitement of new thinking, the discoveries of research, the elements of experimentation and the empirical data of success.

Make the connections

The Teq grants initiative continues to develop the connections needed to inform project design. Ideas and strategies are shared with and informed by those who will be asked for resources.

Create the partnerships

The right partnerships are key to grant project success. Partnerships bring depth, sustainability, visibility, scalability and expertise to the design of projects.

2013-14 Grant


  • Innovative Approaches to Literacy
  • DOL Youth Career Connect
  • School Climate


  • STLE round 2
  • STLE round 3
  • Teaching is Core


  • STEM-C Partnerships MSP
  • Cyberlearning and Future Learning

2014-15 Grant


  • STLE-D


  • Discovery Research
  • STEM-C Partnerships MSP

*Our list of 2014-15 Grant Submissions continues to grow.

2014-15 Grant Focus Areas

Meeting the Challenges of High Need Student Populations

Innovation in Teaching and Learning

STEM/STEAM approaches to achievement and reform

The Teq Grants Team is committed to working with our customers to create funding opportunities that will support higher levels of success for school leaders, teachers and students. The work of the Teq grants team is closely linked to Teq products and professional development – creating opportunities for customers to reach success. The Grants and Funding Division at Teq is an integral part of the company’s operation – supporting the Teq mission with research, educational innovation, best practices and working to ensure that Teq remains a important partner in national educational dialogues and decisions. The Teq Grants Team works to share the information, conversations and models that will be critical in this competitive funding environment.

Grants for STEM opportunities

The Teq Grants Team focuses on identifying exciting funding opportunities and writing collaborative/partnership focused grant applications. These applications highlight new models, research and practices, create forums for program development and are correlated to national funding priorities. We work with the U.S. Department of Education, National Science Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, Institute of Educational Sciences and numerous state education departments. For the 2014-2015 funding year the Teq Grants Team will be working on the development of twelve (12) major grant applications in the areas of “Innovation, STEM and Strategies for High Need Student Populations.”

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Huntington Station, NY 11746
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