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Common Core State Standards
Appendix B
This is a giant list of preapproved literature for each grade recommended to accompany the CCSS.
The main CCSS Website
Here you can find all of the CCSS so simply choose the content area that you need (i.e. ELA-Literacy).
Unpacking Standards
Here you can find graphic organizers, exemplar documents and other helpful CCSS resources.
Here you can view resources to assist with tackling the New York State Common Core 9-12 Social Studies Framework.
Curriculum Corner
"This site has checklists for each grade level that break down every strand of the standards.  These checklists will help you keep track of what you covered.  There are also student checklists under the Classroom Management tab to document your students’ progress.  Not only does this site have skill checklists there are also downloadable activities to help you reach your instructional goals. "
This site provides you with a variety of online resources and tools to use with your students when teaching math. Resources are divided according to grade level, state and Common Core Standard.
Internet 4 Classrooms - CCSS
This website will allow you to do a search for a specific CCSS and view sample questions, lessons and activities pertaining to that specific standard.
Unlocking the Common Core: Key Math Concepts
This easy to navigate site allows you to search by grade level for key math concepts in the Common Core.
Frameworks for ELA/Literacy - PARCC
The Model Content Frameworks for ELA/Literacy was developed by PARCC to inform development of the PARCC assessments, and to support implementation of the Common Core State Standards. You can explore the framework by grade level where ELA/Literacy are further broken down into reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.
Cross-Curricular Resources
This site contains a huge variety of subject areas and topics that make learning fun online. This site also features a parent corner and a teacher feature with printables. There are interactive lessons, games, and quizzes for Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies.
Great interactive Math and Reading games that allow students to reinforce the curriculum through play.
Enchanted Learning
Enchanted Learning is a great resource for teachers. There are free sample pages for specific content and you can also subscribe for a membership to gain access to everything.
I Know That!
Elementary-level curriculum-based flash games and videos sorted by grade level and subject area.
Excellent website that provides teachers with lesson plans, strategies, tools, Class Homepage Builder, printables, student activities as well as links to books and authors for Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Math grades K-12.
Kerpoof is used in thousands of classrooms, school computer labs, and libraries. They provide a wealth of free resources for educators on the Kerpoof Scholastics pages, including lesson plans, classroom ideas, and an e-newsletter.
Online Teaching Degree
This website will take you to a site with a series of resources to help teachers make their lesson plans and curriculum captivating. Many of the science related resources are more focused on one particular discipline, while the math resources often contain a variety of information on many different mathematics, including K-8, algebra, geometry, and multiplication/division.
Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view, Gapminder shows major global development trends with animated statistics.
Teach Thought
This website provides teachers with resources regarding the implementation of the common core and technology into the modern day classroom.
Reviews of iPad apps for education and ideas for practical in-class use.
Languages Other Than English (LOTE)
This website is amazing for elementary language learners of Spanish, French, German and Italian.
This website provides you with sound pronunciations.
Here you can type in words and or sentences and translate them into other languages.
You can pull up any text-centered website (think current events) in your language of choice and then use Lingro to make all text clickable for translations and definitions. Excellent support for your ESL and ELL students.
Here you can type what you want and then hear it read aloud in various languages and in various dialects and accents.
Language based Website with interactive activities and flashcards for grammar, vocab and verbs (has hint buttons that provide conjugations and definitions along the way to support student learning)
ASLPro.com was created to be a free resource for the classroom teacher. Teachers can create accounts and personalize a quiz for their students' use, then take them into a lab and let them practice seeing models other than their own teacher.
Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and Almanacs
ipL2 for Kids
Kidspace at the Internet Public Library is one of the best educational websites on the Internet. Not only is it an excellent resource center but it also offers homework help, links to authors, and tons more. Definitely a must see!
Visuwords is an online graphical dictionary where you can look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts. Produce diagrams reminiscent of a neural net. Learn how words associate. Enter words into the search box to look them up or double-click a node to expand the tree.
English Language Arts (ELA)
International Children’s Digital Library
An extensive online digital library that comes in 5 languages.
Arcademic Skill Builders
Free educational games, math games, language arts games, and much more for students and teachers.
Into the Book
A website with interactive activities for reading comprehension.
RIF Reading Planet
Read along to animated stories.
Bembo’s Zoo
Great interactive site that can be used for teaching the alphabet. Click on the letters and they turn into an animal that starts with that particular letter.
Free Rice
Free Rice is a website aimed to end world hunger and improve your vocabulary. For each vocabulary word you answer correctly, Free Rice donates 10 grains of rice through an international aid agency.
In this Flash website activity, students can find the letter that is read to them. There are many online literacy activities and lessons geared to enhance and support the Literacy component in your existing curriculum.
Bibliomania is a free online literature website with more than 2000 Classic texts, literature book notes, author biographies, book summaries and reference books . Here, you can read classic fiction, drama, poetry, short stories, contemporary articles and interviews and access study guides.
Story Place
Storyplace is a digital library for students grade k-5. Students can read online stories and explore various activities.
Merriam-Webster Word Central
Word Central is a place on the Web where kids can learn how much fun words can be! The site was developed with input from teachers around the country using a language arts curriculum framework.
Read Write Think
This site offers a collection of online Student Materials to support literacy learning in the K-12 classroom. The interactive tools can be used to supplement a variety of lessons and provide an opportunity for students to use technology while developing their literacy skills.
BBC Schools
Know your basic letters and sounds, now what? Well it's off to words and further phonics areas such as Vowel Phonemes and Consonant Clusters. Here you can find great online interactive games and activities for each of these areas along with printable activities for further reinforcement. There is also a Gallery section with student submitted writings and suggestions for getting your students' work posted.
Game Goo
Content from Cognitive Concepts - educational games that help develop early reading skills identified as important language arts building blocks in state curriculum standards - geared towards PreK-3.
Excellent digital resources for the emergent reader. Excellent interactive elements for use on a SMART Board. The Starfall Method of reading instruction was developed for the emergent reader. It is based in part on research by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development about how children learn to read.
This site contains a collection of Language Arts Webquests, which are problem-based learning experiences on the web.
This site contains info for kids to find out about their favorite books, series, and authors. Here you can find reviews of the newest titles, interviews with the coolest authors and special features on great books.
UDL Editions
This website provides books that are ready for student exploration. The Texthelp Toolbar balance challenge and support for each learner. The website is designed for ages 10 and up.
Storyline Online
A website put together by the Screen Actors Guild with actors reading high quality children’s literature.
The Reading Matrix
This resource database includes interactive online reading activities from around the web which focus on analyzing text, reading comprehension, short stories, vocabulary, and much more.
Book Adventure
Book adventure is a FREE Reading motivation program for children in grades K-8. Children create their own book lists from over 7,000 recommended titles.
Houghton Mifflin Educational Games
A standards-based, educational website that offers resources to enhance teaching and learning.
Here you will find over 2300 lessons matched to New York State Learning Standards performance indicators and competencies where applicable. Alignments reflect the revisions of the New York State Learning Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics.
Language Arts Resource Guide For Kids
Nobody is too young to start learning and improving their language skills! Explore some of the fun games, activities, and interactive presentations here to get started.
Karen Haag has created a website full of information and support for literacy instruction that aligns with the Common Core.
Grants and Funding Resources for Educators
This is an online charity where public school teachers can post classroom project requests on their site, and donors can give any amount to the project that most inspires them. When a project reaches its funding goal, donorschoose.org will ship the materials to the school.
Judaic Studies
Google Earth - Hebrew
Hebrew add-on layers for Google Earth. Explore the globe from historical, geographical, or textual perspectives. All labels and information in Hebrew.
Safa Ivrit
A site jam-packed with information and explanations of proper use of Hebrew ranging from dikduk to syntax.
Morfix Dictionary
The Morfix website aspires to deliver the best user experience possible for an online Hebrew-English-Hebrew dictionary. That is why we redesigned the website and made many improvements, now available on top of the existing features, including complete phrase translation and word pronunciation.
Type vocalized Hebrew easily with TeqNikud. Simply type a Hebrew letter and then its vowel. Or, when adding vowels to existing text, just position the cursor immediately after the letter and type the vowel. No longer do you need to use SHIFT-LOCK or SHIFT to add vowels.
The Qedoc Quiz Maker allows about 100 different kinds of question, each of which in turn may have dozens of configuration options. Dual deployment for both web and desktop. Join the hundreds of educators and learners who create their own content on Qedoc or find a module for your subject and level from the 1000's available.
Hebrew Fonts
A wealth of free open-source Hebrew fonts, including Rashi, many of which support trop and nikud.
Dah Bear
Dah Bear is a Hebrew language tool which will encourage higher levels of Hebrew vocabulary mastery by students. This dynamic new educational online tool is intended for use by teachers and students in school and also at home. Teachers may easily submit their classroom word lists to the website so that students can review the words, reinforce their understanding and then test their comprehension.
Typing with Vowels in Windows
A listing of the keystrokes that will enable you to enter Hebrew vowels in a Windows application outside of Davka.
Behrman House BabgaNewz
BabagaNewz.com is an innovative, educational web site for Jewish middle school students and teachers. The web site will help our readers understand the values that are at the core of Jewish beliefs and practices. BabagaNewz.com will encourage young people to explore Jewish values, traditions, life-cycle events, holidays, and Israel, from perspectives that are novel, hip, fun, thought-provoking, exciting and that will encourage them to continue these explorations with the full power of their imaginations and reflections.
Arutz-7-Israel National News
Israel National News English online edition.
Breishit Easy Hebrew News
publishes easy-to-read Hebrew newspapers for subscribers. Our publications are perfect for children and adults, beginners or advanced, who wish to learn Hebrew in a fun and interesting way. Each edition comes with audio narration in clear, correct Hebrew pronunciation and English explanations for each article in the newspaper.
Maariv News
This is a Israeli Hebrew language news web site.
Yeshiva World News
Jewish US and World News.
Learn Hebrew Verbs
Hebrew-Verbs uses a unique software to aid in learning Hebrew verbs and their conjugations. Whether a beginner or an advanced level Hebrew speaker, Hebrew-Verbs can help you learn Hebrew in a simple, structured way. The Hebrew-Verbs method for learning Hebrew is based on the fact that, simply put, Hebrew is a verb-based language. In Hebrew, the verb-root, or Shoresh, can be manipulated to form verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and so on... One who masters the verb roots, masters the language.
Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education
A virtual meeting place for educators to share SMART Board lessons, classroom solutions and creative ideas.
SMART Board Jewish Educational Database
A database of SMART Board lessons submitted by educators throughout the world.
A collaboration of lesson materials from Jewish teachers around the world and including SMART Board lessons.
Mechon HaMikdash
A resource of articles relating the Beis HaMikdash, organized by topic.
Jewish History
Jewish historical maps and atlases.
Online Hebrew Dictionary
Look up thousands of words Hebrew-English or English-Hebrew, plus listings of root families with conjugation tables.
Ulpan Hebrew Learning Activities
Dozens of online Hebrew Ulpan activities for learning conversational Hebrew. Includes link to download "text book".
A variety of online and offline textual resources for Tanach, including Targum Onkelos, Rambam and an encyclopedia of Torah basics.
An online collection of Mishneh Torah l’Rambam plus Talmud Bavli with commentaries.
Otzar Sifrei Kodesh
An online collection of Tanach, Mishnah, Tosefta, Talmud, Midrash and Mishneh Torah l’Rambam. Includes English/Hebrew dictionary, Sephardic recording of the text, commentaries and cross-referencing between texts. All in HTML format.
Talmud Bavli in Tzuras HaDaf. PDF format.
k9 Safe Search
K9 Safe Search is a family friendly search engine from the creators of K9 Web Protection, the most popular free parental control software. K9 Safe Search removes offensive or malicious links and images from your search results by using the same web filtering technology in the K9 Web Protection software. The Blue Coat Systems' WebPulse technology provides a safe browsing experience for millions of families and companies across the world. We believe K9 Safe Search is the safest search engine available today.
Johnnie’s Math Page
Various math games, teacher resources, and work sheets for elementary math.
Fun 4 the Brain
Various math games of different levels
An online resource for digital manipulatives used for math.
Math is Fun
Offers mathematics in an enjoyable and easy-to-learn manner from K to 12 content.
Web Math
Webmath is a math-help web site that generates answers to specific math questions and problems, as entered by a user, at any particular moment.
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
A digital library containing Java applets and activities for K-12 mathematics.
Random population generator for teaching sorting, shapes, statistics, graphs, and probability.
GeoGebra is free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that joins geometry, algebra, tables, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package. It has received several educational software awards in Europe and the USA.
Math Open Reference
A free interactive math textbook on the web. Initially covering high-school geometry.
Mathematics in Movies
Harvard site with clips of mathematical scenes from movies.
Math Drills - Free Math Worksheets
Math worksheets for teachers, parents and other educators including multiplication, fractions, addition, decimals and many other math topics.
Manga High
This website has a lot of games that are aligned to the common core standards. It’s free, though now there is also an option for paid membership. For the free membership you can set up a class and give each student a login, no need for email addresses. You as the teacher can assign challenges for them to try to beat. Then you get reports of how the students did on each game/quiz.
This website has a variety of practice sets for a number of math topics. Teachers and students can sign up for free, and students do not need e-mail addresses. Teachers can create a class and send assignments. They can also track student progress and success. Each practice set comes with an instructional video, a number of questions, and allows students to see their results.
This site provides you with a variety of online resources and tools to use with your students when teaching math. Resources are divided according to grade level, state and Common Core Standard.
This website will provide you with 55 different websites where you can go and download sounds.
Here you can find free audio books in Mp3 format of many classics.
Convert Files
Ever have a really great sound file that you want to play, but it's not in the proper format? Look no further. Convert files will do just that!
Audacity is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems. You can create MP3 voice recordings, convert sound clips to MP3 or edit sound clips (cut, split ect...). It is great for cutting certain parts of speeches and songs.
A resource for downloading songs.
Free Info Society
This collection of audio files is intended to archive the greatest speeches in recorded history. Most of the files are from the 20th century, but there are a few exceptions, such as the Edison recordings.
YouTube Education
This site brings learners and educators together in a global video classroom. You will have access to a broad set of educational videos that range from academic lectures to inspirational speeches and everything in between. Come here for quick lessons from top teachers around the world, course lectures from top-tier universities, or inspiring videos to spark your imagination.
VoiceThread combines pictures and vocal recording to allow for its users to tell stories. Also, the final story can be embedded or shared to allow for others to leave text comments, or vocal comments.
National Geographic Videos
National Geographic Video is the section of the National Geographic website devoted to online videos about animals, people and places, the environment and more.
Create online slide shows or videos to create a multimedia project with or for students.
Creating homemade or original interactive educational games.
McGraw-Hill Media Library
McGraw-Hill's Media Library provides multimedia content (video, audio, and print) resources for teachers and students. It is searchable by state, subject, book, and grade level. Many videos able to be downloaded as .flv files and can be added to SMART Notebook lessons.
The SoundJunction website is all about music. You can take music apart and find out how it works, create music yourself, find out how other people make music and how they perform it, you can find out about musical instruments, and look at the backgrounds to different musical styles.
This could be used for anyone what is looking for sounds to add to a lesson. All sounds on this website are royalty free.
This is an educational social media website which allows students, teachers and families to communicate, collaborate and learn. Excellent for the flipped classroom.
A content sharing service that allows members to "pin" images, videos and other objects to their pinboard. Social media.
Now you can upload your photos and videos online and create a url for others to visit or simply to post in your blog or website.
If you have ever had a problem trying to send a big file through email, have no fear, yousend it is here!! Yousendit.com allows you to send huge files up to 100MB to any email address and it's free!
Now you can change a really long URL address into a short one so students can remember it or you can post on chart paper in your classroom! This site is free and makes classroom technology a breeze.
Critical Thinking Works
This website encourages students and teachers to engage in critical thinking and analysis. It emphasizes the value of reflection and thought-partnering as essential to improving instructional practice.
Typing Web
TypingWeb is a free online typing tutor & keyboarding tutorial for typists of all skill levels. TypingWeb includes entertaining typing games, typing tests, and free official typing certification.
Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition. These are the 4 phases of The Puentadura Model (SAMR) of technology integration in the classroom. Upon reaching and mastering all 4 steps, you will completely transform your teaching and your students' learning into memorable, unique and engaging academic artifacts. In order to help get you there, this specific "Pad"agogy Wheel displays the ideas of Bloom's Taxonomy along with a plethora of mobile apps and resources to use while working through each SAMR phase.
Process Tools
A virtual bulletin board for ideas, brainstorming and collaboration.
This site is great for brainstorming for projects by creating virtual concept maps and can be very helpful with writing workshops.
Allows students to create graphic organizers and create visual and audio presentations to demonstrate their learning.
This site will allow students to brainstorm and create virtual concept maps.
Safe Web Browser/Search Engines
With this browser program, you can promote games teaching the subjects that matter most to your students. Enable adblocking so your students aren't exposed to all the inappropriate ads often targeting them. Remove games from your student's “Playground” that annoy you because of a particular site or character.
This browser turns Phones, Tablets & PCs into kids' friendly devices for playing and learning with the latest and greatest kids’ Apps, Videos and online content delivered directly to your student.
Interactive Simulations from U of Colorado
A site that runs many different types of science simulations.
Freeze Ray
Devoted to creating science visual animations that can be used to enhance a student’s comprehension of a complex concept or idea. Also includes a teacher’s guide, and tips and templates.
Ed Heads
nteractive science activities for physical setting and living environment. Also has a community that teachers can sign up (for free) to collaborate and share ideas.
Science Animations
various animations that show scientific concepts.
Cell Biology Animations
This site includes a variety of animations about the structure and function of cells. The animations include a lot of content detail and would be appropriate for high school biology classes
The Solar System Scope
Explore the solar system. You can visit each planet for stats and info. You can measure distances from one place to another. Look forward or backward in time. View the solar system in several different ways; Geocentric, Heliocentric, Panoramic from Earth. All with excellent 3D views.
SunAeon Solar System Simulator
Excellent 3D views of the solar system and the planets. Gain a wealt of information about the structure of the objects in our system.
Discovery Kids Volcano Explorer
Learn about Volcanoes. Explore how several variables create different kinds of volcanoes. Make your volcano erupt!
Channel One Volcanoes
This is a good resource for information and activities about volcanoes. Use the volcano maker to create your own special volcano.
Flash and Gif Animations
This is a teacher made website (Gary Keiser) that provides an abundance of links to animated .Gif files and Flash video files that have to do with teaching Microbiology.
My Reading Mapped
This website provides over 100 Google Map formatted documentaries on history and science. The maps are accompanied by KML files that will open in Google Earth allowing users to zoom in and explore the area.
This site was designed to share "Dynamic Science based learning activities shared by educators for various learning styles." Join the community, search for activities, or create and save your own activities to share with the community.
All About the Scientific Method
This is an article with several links explaining why proper experimentation using the scientific method is so important; you can also read articles that show science in action or play games to learn more about several different scientific subjects.
Social Studies
A tongue in cheek view of history through the eyes of Twitter. Makes history relatable to current students.
School History
British education site that house many different resources and materials for social studies. Can also provide a different point of view for historical events.
Mapping History
Provides interactive and animated representations of fundamental historical problems and/or illustrations of historical events.
Picturing America
A sorted picture gallery that shows the history of America through images.
Bens Guide to Government
Teaches kids from kindergarten through 12th grade about the federal government, from the U.S. Government Printing Office.
Fresh Prep
Combines history and music in a fun way! The songs help the students study content for the New York Regents Exam. The students listen to hip-hop songs about history and are asked to pay close attention and memorize the lyrics.  After that, students can complete “Rewind That Back!” activities which will allow them to apply their knowledge based on the facts they learned from the songs.There are also great resources for DBQ’s complete with a song for extra help! 
Government Agency Pages for Kids
This site provides students with kid-friendly links that lead directly to governmental website pages that were created specifically for kids. These pages allow students to learn about different agencies and how they work for everyone as a part of our society in an 'easy-to-understand' way.
Kids.gov Government Guide
Kids.gov is the U.S. government's official web portal for kids. It provides kids, parents and teachers to U.S. government information and services on the web from government agencies, schools, and educational organizations, all geared to the learning level and interest of kids. The site provides a safe place online where kids can create, play, and learn. The most amazing part is that the site is organized into three audiences: Grades K-5, Grades 6-8, and Educators so you can navigate your way around the site appropriately.
Understanding and Using Informational Text
Allows you to be able to enter a web address to make all words on that page clickable. When clicked, any word will show you a dictionary definition. Great to supporting students' understanding of vocabulary in context.
Install the Citelighter toolbar in your web browser to capture key ideas and details from websites as you do your research. Citations for websites you annotate are automatically cited as sources and the details you capture become the beginnings of a report which can be downloaded as a Word document with the bibliography already formatted.
This is an interactive toolbar where you can maintain online bookmarking with the use of additional tools.
Install a toolbar in your browser to use after you've created a free account. The toolbar can be used as you visit websites where you can highlight and underline text, add notes, or change the text color. All sites visited are added to your Library for quick retrieval. The student edition provides tools for students to begin creating reports based on their research annotations and notes.
The Arts (Fine/Performing/Applied/Visual)
Arts Edge
A free website with digital resources for teaching the arts.
Sound Cloud
Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters, and creators of music and audio.
Musical English Lessons International
This website contains 'something' for everyone.
The music lab lets children experiment with music.
DSO Kids
W website to help children learn more about music while having fun doing it.
New York Philharmonic Kids
The New York Philharmonic Kidzone is a place for kids to come and learn about the New York Philharmonic and about the instruments, music, musicians, composers and and conductors of symphony music.
Dream English Kids
Dream English Kids Songs, free mp3 song downloads,flashcards and lesson ideas,let's sing!
Creating Music
Evolving environment for online music creation and exploration through interactive games.
Lyrics and words for children’s nursery rhymes and songs
Architect’s Studio
Great website for architect simulations. Design and build a house based on client needs.
National Gallery of Art
This website helps children develop interpretive and analytical skills through interactive discussions of paintings and sculpture.
Artists Cam
ArtisanCam is a free arts education website for elementary ages featuring video of contemporary artists working in their studios, galleries and on location.
Art Pad
Create your own artwork!
Explore the tools that artists use like line, color and balance. See artists in action or visit the art encyclopedia.
Arts Alive
The National Arts Centre's performing arts educational website. Learn about orchestral music, dance, English and French language theatre, and explore engaging archival collections.
Dance Video Library
75 video clips that illustrate portions of the Dance Instruction Manuals arranged by historical period.
Fact Monster
An online almanac for the elementary crowd!
Visuals for Foreign Language Instruction
This site contains hundreds of visual aids (illustrations) that can be used to support instructional tasks such as describing objects and people (i.e., teaching vocabulary) or describing entire events and situations (i.e., teaching grammar).
This website is focused on improving access and exposure to music by creating free resources and educational materials. They provide recordings, sheet music, and textbooks to the public for free, without copyright restrictions.
IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library
A community-built library of public domain music. It has an extensive collection of open source music compositions, scores, audio recordings and more.
Interactive Whiteboard Lessons
Modern Chalkboard
Modern Chalkboard has pre-made interactive lessons that can be used with your SMART Board. They currently have lessons for Kindergarten to 5th grade, but are working on expanding. Each lesson comes with printable worksheets in the "teacher guide" section for additional practice. Lessons are aligned to common core standards.
Using Mobile Devices for Learning
Splashtop Remote
The Splashtop Streamer, downloaded to your computer, plus the Splashtop Remote app for a mobile device, provides the teacher with the ability to move around the room while mirroring the computer's desktop to the mobile device. Find out more by visiting our blog post: http://www.teq.com/blog/2014/02/splashtop-mirror-computer-mobile-device
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