3 Great STEM Apps for Younger Students

Post in News by Emily Jones on 3rd May 2017

As a teacher who has worked within the general education setting and in a self-contained classroom, I’ve seen various resources to help teach STEM. These resources include apps that you can easily purchase from your preferred app store. If you are looking for fun STEM apps to add to your classroom devices, we have found three excellent and inexpensive ones that will help supplement your classroom curriculum. With their various assignments and skill building activities, these apps will not only entertain your younger students but educate them as well!  

1. Blokify

3D Printing & Modeling by noque

Cost: $3.99

Inspire students to think critically with Blokify. Students can model and 3D print original creations using this simplified 3D modeling software. With Blokify, your students can make anything from castles to spaceships, and when they’re done they can send their creations to a 3D printer at school. Don’t have a 3D printer of your own? Send your designs to Blokify’s print and ship service. This app is also great because it has a guided model which uses blue colored ‘bloks’ to help students learn to build.  

Learn more about the app at http://blokify.com/.

2. Simple Machines

Technology/Physics STEM app by Tinybop Inc.

Cost – $2.99

Have your students discover how simple machines work with Simple Machines by Tinybop. With this app, students will use virtual pulleys, wheels, inclined planes, levers, and more to conduct experiments and investigate invisible forces. Use the Simple Machines Handbook to implement activities and ask questions to support student learning.  Students can also learn about physics in over 40 different languages using this app.

Find out more about this app and other STEM apps by Tinybop that support the Next Generation Science Standards at https://tinybop.com/apps.  

See Simple Machines in action, below!

3. Hopscotch

Learn to Code Through Creative Play with Hopscotch Technologies

Cost – Subscription based

Students can learn coding and programming with Hopscotch’s user-friendly software.  With coding tutorials, students can create art, games, and simple websites. They can share and play the games they’ve created with other students. With the Hopscotch Curriculum, teachers can supplement learning with interactive lessons that discuss core-coding concepts. 

Find out more about Hopscotch here!

Take a look at one of Hopscotch’s tutorial videos below.

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