4 Essential Google Docs Add-Ons for Better Writers

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Support your students and help them improve their writing assignments with these 4 Google Doc add-ons.


Great For: Essays for any subject

Help your students give credit where credit is due with EasyBib!

Easy Bib is a bibliography citation generator that includes over 7,000 format styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard! When students are creating a research paper within Google Docs, Easy Bib allows them to cite books, journal articles, and websites just by entering in the titles of the document or the URL. Easybib will automatically format the citations in the style that is required for that specific paper. When the student is done creating their research paper, Easy Bib will generate a bibliography in alphabetical order at the end of the paper. 


Great For: Math students

If you struggle to find the correct keyboard key that kind-of, sort-of matches the math symbol you are trying to replicate in an equation in your Google Doc, g(math) is the add-on for you! Students and teachers can now include graphs, mathematical equations, formulas, and display this easily (no need for math code or learning a programming language here). The add-on, g(math) understands and recognizes your typing and automatically turns your text into math symbols. You can even insert pre-made formulas, functions, graphs, and more. There is an easy speech input and handwriting tool within the add-on which helps cater to unique learners.

Watch g(Math) in action here!

Rhyme Finder

Great For: Creative assignments for any subject

Rhyme Finder is great for students writing poetry! This Google Docs add-on allows students to select specific words in their document and on the right side of your window pops up a supply of rhyming words. It can also find additional words that end in the same letters of the word you highlighted as well as note the syllables. Although it does not provide a definition of the words populated, with the use of the “Explore” tool, students can learn new words almost instantly! This tool can be great for haikus, limericks, and sonnets!


Great For: Expository and persuasive essays

Lucidchart is great for inserting diagrams and visuals into your Google Doc. Students can create, edit, collaborate, and insert mind maps, Venn diagrams, floor plans, circuit and network diagrams, flowcharts, and more! Students can collaborate with their peers on these visuals and then insert them quickly and easily into their Google Doc to bring more to their paper!

Have any suggestions?

Have any Google Doc add-ons you love using for student writing assignments? Share with us in the comments section below.

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