5 Things You Need to Know About SMART amp

Post in News by Laura Jakubowski on 24th April 2017

As an early adopter of SMART amp, of course, it is to be expected that I would shout from the rooftops about how amazing it is. (Do you hear that faint noise behind you? Yes, that is my euphoric shouting about SMART amp.) SMART amp is a collaborative workspace that allows students to be in the driver seat for their learning. It is ideal for project-based learning and creating beautiful, creative presentations through group work.

Interested in working with SMART amp? Here are the top 5 things you need to know to use it easily in your classroom.

1. SMART amp is cloud-based

Getting started is easy with SMART amp. Simply sign on with your school Google account, and begin creating your classes and workspaces for students.

Everything is housed in Google Drive, so anytime you save a workspace, it will be saved to the SMART amp class designated folder in Google Drive.

2. SMART amp integrates with Google Classroom

Already have a Google Classroom set up? If so, you’ll have very little work left to do to create your SMART amp class.

Upon logging into SMART amp and seeing your SMART amp homepage, look at the bottom left of the page where it says Add a Class and select Add. Then select Import from Google Classroom. Now your class is now up and ready to go. All your students have to do is log into SMART amp!

3. SMART amp has workspace templates to help make creation even easier

Maybe creating a workspace seems like an overwhelming task but have no fear, there are simple templates to choose from.

To create a workspace from your SMART amp homepage, at the right side of the page, select Go under Go to Workspaces. Then at the top left, select Create a Workspace. 

Simple templates like a timeline, a keywords bubble map, or a concept map can easily be entered with your lesson relevant information to guide students. In my trainings, I have supervised and watched many SMART amp novices create a full-fledged and usable lesson with a template in less than twenty minutes.

4. SMART amp allows for individual projects or group projects

Once you are in your workspace, through the Sharing feature in SMART amp, you can easily share copies of your workspace with your students. It’s very similar to Google Classroom, but SMART amp will do you one better. SMART amp workspaces can be shared with student groups! When you select to Hand Out Copies, you can choose if you want to hand out copies to individual students or to new groups.

If you click the groups option, and then Next, you can drag students into each new group. Or on the top right of the window, you can divide your class up into random groups of 2, 4, or even 7 students (the number is up to you). Then, when you click Hand Out Copies, each of your students will be brought into their group’s copy of the workspace to begin working.

5. SMART amp can get your Notebook files into your students’ devices

Within a workspace, you can add resources to your workspace to help along student learning, or even differentiate a specific group’s workspace with additional resources.

To add a resource such as a PDF or a SMART Notebook file, select Add Files (the paperclip icon) on your left side menu within the workspace. Choose Select Files and browse for your SMART Notebook lesson (or other file). Then click Open to open the file in your workspace. This will now make the file accessible for your students.

To Learn More

To learn more about using technology to supplement your classroom, check out our Course Library for courses with for SMART Notebook at Teq Online PD. We offer courses on many SMART amp topics, including SMART amp for the ELA Classroom, SMART amp for differentiation and our Teq Certification Courses for the SMART Learning Suite.

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