What Beyoncé Did Not Mention About Teacher Support

Post in News by Rossana Pazmino on 19th April 2017

We know Queen Bee can have “another you in a minute” (and yes, they’d be there in a minute), but the singer-songwriter forgot to mention the truly irreplaceable thing in today’s machine-driven world—human customer service.

No, I don’t want to press “7” to hear the menu again! I’d like to speak to a representative, please. Customers want to interact with someone who is informative, attentive, and well, a real person. Teachers receiving online Professional Development are no different—they want personalized answers and human interaction readily available.

nOw Instructional Support

Teq’s nOw Instructional Support (also known as nOw) allows educators to instantly connect with a member of Teq’s Professional Development team. It provides them with individualized Professional Development support via live-video chat, text-chat, email, or with a scheduled call.

Teachers are adapting to diverse lesson delivery methods and facing the utilization challenges that come with ed-tech now more than ever. As state-certified teachers, Teq PD experts offer the relevant and immediate support schools so often need.

We asked Teq’s own team of PD humans to tell us what they hear most from customers. Common responses were “Oh you’re real! I wasn’t expecting that!” and “Can you see me?!,” but the real captivating answer was “I feel like I’m calling an old friend.”

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