How to Change Your Name in Google Classroom

Post in News by MatthewThaxter on 18th April 2017

After working with countless numbers of teachers who wish to take full advantage of the G Suite for Education app of Google Classroom, there has been a nagging concern for some—how do I change my name in Google Classroom to have it list as Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss/Dr., etc?

G+ and Google Classroom

The way for any educator with a Classroom account is to have access to your G+ account. This is an Admin-level permission for the teachers and students to have access to their account. G+ is similar to a social network for Google Account holders. Here, there are community groups, “Circles” of co-workers, friends, and family to share, communicate and interact with. Many schools limit this for students for privacy reasons, naturally.

Google Classroom draws the name information from your G+ account, which was originally drawn from your original account creation by the Google domain admin. Yet, the Google Admin cannot change your G+ information automatically for its staff–this is left for the individual teacher to alter.

Step by Step

When a teacher wishes to alter their Classroom name, the only place to do this is G+.

G+ (Google Plus) is an app that can be launched via the Google Apps Options icon (1) whilst in Google-based apps.

To change your name, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Google Apps Options icon
  2. Look for the G+ button, and click on it. You will have a new tab open to
  3. Click on your avatar/icon that represents your Google account and click on G+ Profile

  4. Click on About

  5. Click on the pencil icon to edit your User Name
  6. Change your first name to the proper salutation you wish to have visible to students in Classroom
  7. When complete, click OK.

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