Digital Assessments for the Classroom

Post in News by Edward Powers on 8th November 2016

Digital Assessments for the Classroom

Assessments are an essential component in learning because they help the students learn, and provide the teacher with valuable data about student performance. Unfortunately, as many educators have experienced, grading assessments can take up a lot of valuable time. For that reason, we here at Teq are big fans of digital assessment. Digital assessments can be graded automatically and help teachers to manage their time better. Below are a few ways that you can create a digital assessment that you can use with your students.

SMART Response 2 

You can easily create an assessment in SMART Notebook software using SMART Response 2. SMART Response 2 allows you to create an assessment using easy to follow, step-by-step directions and prompts offered by the software. The assessment can be pushed out to student devices including iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop or any web-enabled device, allowing for a more interactive experience. After the quiz, the class can review the answers (without showing specific names), and students can check their own work on their devices. For more detailed grading, the teacher can download a color-coded excel file which will list each individual and each question. At a glance, the teacher can see which students need additional instruction.

Google Forms 

You can use the Google platform to create an online assessment, worksheet and exit tickets using Google forms. You can choose different colors and background templates to personalize your quiz, and choose from the following question types: short answer, extended answer, multiple choice, checkboxes, dropdown, or a linear scale. You can also choose to include images or videos in your questions. When your quiz is complete, you can email it to your students, share it via URL link, or embed the quiz in a class website or Edmodo page. The results of the quiz can be gathered in an excel file, automatically graded. The quiz can be administered in class with students using their 1:1 devices. There is also flexibility for students to take the quiz outside of the classroom as well.


Teachers can use Kahoot to create engaging student activities to create exit tickets or checks for understanding. Use this interactive platform to create fun, interactive games, including images and video. Students can use computers, cell phones, or any other web-enabled device to participate. Teachers can also include a timer function and a points system, creating a competitive atmosphere.

To find out more about how to create digital assessments using SMART Response 2, Google Forms, or Kahoot, check out these videos from the course library of our online platform,

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