EdTech in Focus – Reminder for May 5th Event!

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This is a reminder! See you Friday, May 5th! 

Our team is ready for you. Below is the EdTech in Focus event itinerary consisting of a full day of Professional Development, vendor, presentations, networking, and more!

Event Information:

Friday May 5th, 2017 9:00am – 3:00pm
at NVAA Media Center
1690 Stelton Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854

9:00am-9:30am – Refreshments
9:30am-10:30am – Opening Remarks
9:30am-9:50am – Robert Wayne Harris, former Superintendent, Roosevelt Public Schools
9:50am-10:10am – Grace Kim, CDW – Chromebooks in the Classroom
10:10am-10:30am – John Curis -Kajeet Mobile Device Access
10:30am-10:45am – Break
10:45am-11:05am – Rotation 1
11:10am-11:30am – Rotation 2
11:35am-11:55am – Rotation 3
12:00pm–12:20pm – Rotation 4
12:30pm-1:00pm – Lunch
1:10pm-1:30pm – Rotation 5
1:35pm-1:55pm – Rotation 6

Rotations consist of the following sessions

Chromebooks & SMART Amp
Title: The Collaborative Classroom with SMART amp and Chromebooks
In this session, we will explore the seamless integration of the SMART amp component of SLS with Chromebooks. See how teachers can easily distribute lesson materials to students, conduct formative assessments, and manage student projects, all in real-time.

Chromebooks & SMART Notebook
Title: Connecting Chromebooks to the SMART Notebook software
Discover how to successfully integrate SMART Notebook features and your students’ devices to create effective learning experiences. In this session, we will explore the connection from SMART Notebook to a student Chromebook through the ability to push SMART lab activities and SMART Response mobile assessments directly to the students for real-time data collection and feedback. This will create a game based learning environment, with insight into learning with formal assessments.

Chromebooks & SMART IQ Technology
Title: SMART iQ: Ready to use PC Free
The SMART iQ is an add-on module to the SMART IFP 6000/7000 series. This add-on will free the teacher’s computer from the SMART IFP and allows students to interact with a variety of apps built right into the 6000 series SMART Interactive Flat Panel. These applications include collaboration tools easily accessible to Chromebooks, such as Multiway Whiteboarding, SMART amp, and Screenshare.

Teq Professional Development, Chromebooks, & the G-Suite
In this booth session, we will discuss Teq’s approach to Onsite PD with an overview of our Online PD Platform, and how we assist schools with the implementation of Chromebooks and G-Suite. Our PD is designed not only for teachers to understand the functionality of Chromebooks and G-suite, but classroom use cases and examples that are designed to engage students in the 21st-century learning environment.

A full day of Professional Development, vendor presentations, networking, and more!
All attendees will be eligible for raffle prices and to register for a FREE month of Teq’s Online PD!


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