Export Quizzes from Google Docs to Google Forms with Formenate

Post in News by MatthewThaxter on 12th April 2017

We have found an add-on that can help alleviate some of the time it takes to create surveys or quizzes. Although in its current form, it does not allow you to import question sets (from Docs, or Word docs, etc.), it can export to Google FormsGoogle Forms is great for getting a formative and/or summative measure of student understanding/progress, and with Formenate, it gets even better. 

Formenate is an add-on that was created to export a specifically designed Google Doc to Google Forms. With Formenate, a user can use the tools and features in Forms to enable quiz mode to assign an Answer Key and point values. This add-on allows teachers to create assessments with less hassle, saving them time.

Formenate Step by Step

  • Step 1: Sign into your Google account and go to Google Docs
  • Step 2: Follow the path to Get Add-ons, and type ‘Formenate’ into the search
    • Install Formenate if you do not have it already
  • Step 3: Format your Word Doc using the format seen below

  • Step 4: While in the Google Doc, click on Add-ons
  • Step 5: Click Formenate and select Start

The Formenate panel will open to the right of the Doc.

  • Step 6: As seen in the screenshot (above), select how you would like to set up the Form
  • Step 7: Once you have selected your choices, click the blue Formenate button at the bottom of the panel
    • Formenate will read through the Doc and turn any auto-numbered list and associated choices into a Form
  • Step 8: When complete click on Edit to edit the Form
  • Step 9: While in edit Form, convert to a Quiz and assign the correct answers, if necessary


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