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Calling all math lovers – Pi Day is here! For those of you snowed in like me, here’s your chance to check out some Pi-themed activities that you can try in your class tomorrow.

PiDay.org  – Learning Resources 

PiDay.org features videos of creative, funny, and impressive Pi content including a Pi-Day countdown, Pi sightings from around the world, news and events, and learning activities for students.

Ever wonder why Pi Matters? Check out the article from The New Yorker here at PiDay.org. Interested in learning which local bakeries, grocery stores, or restaurants are planning to celebrate the day? Find out here at PiDay.org’s Local Sightings page.

My personal favorite thing on the site is a parody of the “What does the Fox say?” music video where they instead sing “What is the value of Pi?” This can be found in the video archive section.

TeachPi.org  – Activities

At TeachPi.org you can find over 50 activities and ideas for ways to make Pi Day entertaining, educational, tasty, and fun! On this site, you will find lesson activities that include:


TeachersFirst’s  Pi Day Resources

If it’s your first year in the classroom and you are all out of ideas for how to incorporate Pi into your lessons, this resource brings you a collection of reviewed resources and materials from teachers all over the world celebrating Pi Day.

You’ll find related projects, games, songs, discussion topics all with video, audio, and lesson plan options. Bring a true meaning to Pi with these activities for all grade levels and all types of learners!


Have a Great Pi Day Activity You Use in the Classroom?

We’d love to hear about it! Share your Pi Day activities in the comments section below!

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