Poll Everywhere: The Poll in Google Slides Edition

Post in News by MatthewThaxter on 21st December 2016

One of the best ways of reaching an audience to poll them is to embed a survey tool inside of a presentation. In previous posts, we discussed how the Poll Everywhere (PE) application can be embedded on a PowerPoint presentation–thereby collecting data and responses from the audience.

As noted in our previous e-Book, “Mobile and Web-Based Assessment” Poll Everywhere allows you to engage and informally assess your audience’s knowledge in real-time. This used to be a “no-log-in” style of a quick create a question, yet now to get the full-power of Poll Everywhere, using a free sign in is probably the best. These can be presented either through PE’s website or as part of an embedded object on a PowerPoint slide.
A new twist to this great asset is now available for Google Slides. Though Slides does not have an “Add-ons” option, this Google extension can be added through the normal process.

Polling in Google Slides

As seen above, you can use the term, “poll” to find the extension. The proper name of the extension is “Polling in Google Slides.” Click on the blue ADD TO CHROME button to add the extension.
Once added, the Poll Everywhere application/extension will be located between the Table and Help options on the toolbar.

Untitles Presentation

To access your account, click on the Poll Everywhere and click the Log-in button:Log In

Once logged in, you can insert previously made polls and surveys from your existing PE account. To create a poll, click on the PE button and select New-> Poll. Choose the response style from the audience and fill in the choices (if necessary), and then INSERT.

Poll Example

The slide may look funny when it is in design mode, but this is just the PE application waiting to initiate when the presentation begins.

Start the presentation

When the presentation does kick in, the slide will reset to the survey/poll mode and will look like this:

Fav SMART Board poll

When this starts, technically the survey will be perpetually running. It will stop only once I go to my account and stop accepting poll/survey responses.

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