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Post in News by JessicaWenke on 29th November 2016

“Wow I have a lot of extra time on my hands today,” said no teacher, ever.

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Let’s face it, teachers are busy.

When I was a classroom teacher, I was lucky enough to get a bathroom break some days! And as if every day wasn’t a whirlwind already, now schools are expecting teachers to integrate more and more technology into their instruction. Most are asking where will they find the time to learn these new technologies and many feel that the technology is more of a hinderance than an asset. We all know that the push for more technology in the classroom is in effort to save teachers time in the long run. However, there is often a lot of front loading that needs to happen to make the use of technology efficient for the classroom teacher including learning how to use the software or device, and learning the tricks that make it more efficient.

The last session in our SMART Learning Suite Webinar Series is approaching quickly: December 1st from 6-7 PM. This session will focus on a few of the features SMART has created with time saving for teachers in mind. We’ve seen, time and time again, the successful impact that SMART boards and the utilization of the SMART Notebook software has on classroom engagement and the time it takes to lesson prep. Making the time upfront to learn its uses pays off—trust me! Below are just a few of the ways that teachers can save time using SMART Learning Suite.

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Account Sign On

Now teachers can use a single sign on system with their G Suite email addresses to sign into the SMART Notebook Software. This saves time due to the simplicity of being a single sign on, but also for the following reasons.

Persistent Activity Codes

When signed on to the SMART Software, a teacher is assigned a single code for all of the SMART lab and SMART response activities they create. When students enter this code to the SMART lab website they are automatically brought to each activity their teacher starts and they don’t have to input that code ever again!

Saving Question Lists

Question lists can now be saved and managed from SMART lab and SMART response activities and used interchangeably between the two add-ons. This saves time in creating quick review quizzes between classes or from year to year.

SMART Exchange

SMART Exchange is a site with free pre-made SMART Notebook lessons and activities that teachers can download and readily use in their classroom. Pre-made, applicable content is always a plus for teachers!

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