A Solution for Apps that are Slowing Down Your Network

Post in News by Jake Alverson on 10th May 2017

What applications take up the most bandwidth in your school? The answer may surprise you. 

Administrators at this high school in central Florida were surprised at the amount of bandwidth used by apps like Snapchat and Facebook.

As much as we’d like to think education apps like your online testing platform or Discovery Education take up the majority of school district’s bandwidth, for many schools, systems are dominated by apps like Snapchat and Facebook. That was the case with one Florida district and unfortunately, because they didn’t have visibility into their network, they were unable to identify what apps were using up their bandwidth. 

That is until they started using CloudGenix.

Finding a Solution with CloudGenix

CloudGenix provided their administrators with full visibility into application performance on their network. After taking only 15 minutes to install, and another 15 for CloudGenix to collect application data (as seen in the picture above), they were able to quickly discover what Snapchat and Facebook were really doing on their network.

Identifying which apps were using the most bandwidth was only the beginning. With CloudGenix, the administrators could prioritize which apps would receive bandwidth ahead of others on their network, limit a certain app’s bandwidth, or block non-critical apps such as Snapchat and Facebook from traversing the network altogether.

In just a few clicks, the administrators were able to use CloudGenix to shut off those non-critical social apps and instantly return close to 25% of the high school’s bandwidth. CloudGenix also gave administrators the ability to prioritize Akamai CDN and other critical apps on their network. This would ensure these apps would be delivered without interruption by always receiving first priority with bandwidth allocation.

To Learn More…

To learn more about how CloudGenix can improve your school network, take a look at How SD-WAN Improves School Networks and Manages Bandwidth or visit our website, http://www.teq.com/cloudgenix/.

And for more about SD-WAN and how it can help you, click here to view our free eBook, K12 Guide to Software-Defined WAN. 


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