How to Use Customized Stamps for Positive Feedback with SMART Ink

Post in News by UnaTitus on 21st February 2017

Using fun stamps or stickers has always been a great way to provide students with positive feedback on classwork and homework. As students turn in more and more work online, it is nice to continue this practice with a digital tool you probably already have in your classroom. SMART Ink (part of SMART Notebook) provides you with an easy way to create your own digital stamps for student grades and feedback. Here’s a short video about how to use the SMART Ink Toolbox for stamps:

Using Customized Stamps for Positive Feedback Using SMART Ink from Teq on Vimeo.

In this example, I use Newsela, a great resource for ELA and current events, where you may ask your students to turn in some work online. With SMART Ink, you can interact with student work inside and outside of SMART Notebook. Teachers can give their students positive (or corrective) feedback on their work using the standard stamps provided within the software. It is very easy to customize stamps using pictures saved on your computer — like using a picture of yourself as a stamp of approval!

Try out some of your own customized stamps with your students, and share your ideas in the comments section below, or on our Facebook page.

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