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Post in News by Emily Brenseke on 4th January 2017

Our Professional Development team recently recorded six webinars that have now been archived to view any time! Take a look at the list below and don’t worry—you won’t need you library card for this visit.

What’s New in Notebook 16.2

Our latest and greatest webinar reviews all of the newest features in SMART Notebook 16.2. Updates include new interfaces and content management tools in SMART lab, changes to bookmarks, handouts, and Google Classroom integration in SMART amp and the addition of a robust math equation editor within SMART Notebook. Our professional development specialists help you to learn more about SMART’s latest creations and how all of the changes can benefit your classroom.

Labdisc: Heart Rate

Learn how to conduct an experiment using the Labdisc, an all-in-one portable science lab that fits into the palm of your hand. For this experiment our PD specialists used the heart rate sensor that is provided with the Labdisc BioChem unit to measure heart rate in multiple scenarios. During this session our specialists teach you how to analyze and manipulate the data within GlobiLab, the Labdisc software.

SMART Learning Suite Series: Integrating Student Devices

A four part webinar series on integrating student devices in the classroom using each component of the SMART Learning Suite. Each session of this series took a look at game-based learning, collaborative opportunities, and various assessment-building techniques. For specifics on each course check out the descriptions below:

Integration with Student Devices

Discover how to successfully integrate SMART Learning Suite features and your students’ devices to create effective learning experiences. In this introductory session, our PD team explores how to create engaging lessons that integrate with student devices.

Game-Based Learning

Learn how to build game-based activities using SMART lab, a major component of SMART Notebook software. With SMART lab, teachers are able to create effective learning activities with speed and ease. By following SMART lab’s basic prompts, teachers of all levels of comfort and familiarity can successfully integrate technology into their lessons, and also utilize student devices. During this session, our PD team explored some sample SMART lab activities and demonstrated the process by which activities of this nature are created.

Insight into Learning

Assessments help teachers gauge students’ level of understanding, and the data gathered informs your instruction. During this exciting webinar our PD team will took a closer look at SMART response 2. This Notebook 16.2 feature enables students to participate in teacher-created assessments via personal devices of nearly any variety. See how teachers are able to save results for future reference and gain a holistic view of class comprehension.

Save Teachers’ Time

Learn how the SMART Learning Suite allows teachers to manage their time more efficiently. Between prepping for classes and grading assessments, it is sometimes challenging for teachers to find moments to develop innovative lessons that incorporate technology.  SMART Exchange is a helpful resource that educators can certainly benefit from.  During this session, our PD team helps you get familiarized with the SMART Exchange platform and view content created by teachers, for teachers. In addition, they revisit SMART amp, SMART lab, and SMART response 2 to reflect upon how these features can enhance student learning and provide teachers with found time.



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