Onsite PD

Mentoring and Coaching programs designed to breed success in the classroom.

Teq’s Coaching & Mentoring Plans provide your teachers with personalized, on-site coaching and mentoring services — guaranteed to help your teachers succeed in the 21st century classroom.

What is Mentoring

Mentoring is personal, long term, and development-driven. Through 1:1 meetings, each individual’s strengths and weaknesses are evaluted in order to provide strategies for each teacher. It offers continual feedback and support in the classroom to ensure your teachers utilize the skills and knowledge they’ve learned. Our PD specialists make sure your staff receives comprehensive guidance every step of the way.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is task-oriented, short term, and performance-driven. We establish clear goals that support your PD plan. We deliver effective PD that doesn’t require your teachers to spend a lot of time out of the classroom. At the end of a session, your staff has the information they need to begin implementing their new skills into their lesson plans.

The Timeline

We’ve found 3, 5, and 10-day plans to be the most convenient and manageable units for achieving success. Whether you’re looking to refresh forgotten skills, build upon existing knowledge, or increase adoption and utilization, these timelines offer flexibility to achieve your goals.

Achieving absolute success through unparalleled professional development.

Prior to starting, we meet with you and your staff to identify your PD goals and expectations for our team. Together, we fill out a preliminary survey and assessment document for the plan. After we deliver your sessions, we complete a post-delivery assessment in order to ensure our instructors meet and exceed the established goals.

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"When compared to more traditional methods, cooperative, problem-based learning has been shown to improve student engagement and retention of classroom material.”

Research Supports Collaborative Learning, Edutopia 2012.


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