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Race to the Top

Geri Resta talks about RTT in New York State.

RTT in New England

RTT in New Jersey

Teq assists districts and network teams in meeting the goals of the Race to the Top (RTT) assurance areas through professional development, Common Core, STEM, SAFARI Montage, and learner response systems.

Race to the Top is President Obama's signature education initiative. In 2010, Race to the Top was introduced as a federal grant competition for states to improve their education systems. The states that are implementing compelling and comprehensive education reform were awarded allocations to lead the way with ambitious yet achievable plans.

Race to the Top establishes Federal goals for public schools and public charter schools. The RTT competition is intended to encourage and reward States that are implementing significant reforms in the four assurance areas described in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). It offered $4.3 billion in grants to reward states that have already demonstrated support for and have proven success towards implementing these goals. The awards were based on proven accomplishments and future plans.

The RTT funds will allow districts to close persistent achievement gaps, while building skills and integrating the technology needed to increase achievement for all.

A Solution for Network Teams and Districts

  • Our PD offers Common Core, e-portfolio, college/career readiness, STEM, PSI/PMI (which correlates with Retaining/Developing Great Teachers and Leaders), and Standard and Assessment.
  • Our Admin sessions also focus on Common Core and STEM, correlating to the Standard and Assessments assurance area.
  • SAFARI, which supports instruction through Data Systems, also correlates to the Standards and Assessments assurance area.
  • Our PD Usability sessions and embedded PD are designed to effectively increase best practice-based use of existing and future technologies tied to STEM and CCSS alignment, which assists in Retaining/Developing Great Teachers and leaders.
  • Our SMART Response offering is relevant to Data Systems and supporting instruction, Standards and Assessments.
  • Our student workshops are relative to Standards and Assessments and helping students become College Career Ready.
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